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ZIP Code Updates

Users can now enter 5-digit or 9-digit ZIP codes in Axxess Hospice to ensure that all address information is accurate for patients and vendors. Address information flows automatically throughout the application, so users only need to enter data once.

This functionality prevents redundant documentation to save time and streamline processes, and prevents claim denials to facilitate compliance with hospice billing requirements.

While a 5-digit or 9-digit ZIP code can be used throughout most locations in the software, a 9-digit ZIP code is required when adding a service facility during the claim verification process.

Billing tab ➜  Claims ➜ Verify ➜ Providers section ➜ Add Service Facility

If a 9-digit ZIP code is not entered when verifying a claim, the system alerts the user with a red error message at the top of the screen.

Updated on 3/26/2020