Schedule Reports

Schedule reports in Axxess Hospice provide real-time visibility into scheduling operations, so agencies can ensure that care delivery accommodates patient needs and adheres to frequency orders. The following reports facilitate continued compliance and optimal care through seamless visit scheduling.

Schedule Report Permissions

Users must have schedule report permissions to view and export schedule reports.

To give a user permission to view schedule reports, navigate to the Permissions tab in the user’s profile. Select View next to Schedule Reports in the Reports section. To enable the user to export schedule reports, select Export next to Schedule Reports. Click Save to complete the process.

People tab ➜ People Center ➜ Edit ➜ Permissions tab ➜ Reports section ➜ Schedule Reports ➜ View/Export ➜ Save

Access Schedule Reports

To access the schedule reports in Axxess Hospice, navigate to the Report Center under the Reports tab. The Schedule Reports section appears on the right side of the Report Center.

Reports tab ➜ Report Center ➜  Schedule Reports

The following reports are available in the Schedule Reports section:

  • Recertifications Due
  • Comprehensive Assessments Due
  • Visit Alerts
  • Frequency Watch Report
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Missed Visit by User
  • Visit History by Date Range

Select Learn More next to any report to view a description, the report parameters and the information included in the report.

Select the title of a report to open the report page in a new browser tab. In the top right corner of each report page, users can select the Report Center button to return to the Report Center.

Recertifications Due

Description: Displays a list of patients with upcoming, at risk and past due recertifications. Patients who are 15 to 30 days away from recertification are listed under upcoming recertifications. Patients who are 1 to 14 days away from recertification are classified as at risk. Patients with past due recertifications are listed under past due. This report assists with state and regulatory surveys and facilitates compliance with recertification requirements.

Parameters: Status, Team, Branch, Date

Report Includes: Patient Name, MRN, Branch, Team, Recertification Date, Status

Comprehensive Assessments Due

Description: Displays a list of patients with unscheduled or incomplete comprehensive assessments and the number of days remaining before they must be completed. This report facilitates timely completion of comprehensive assessments for regulatory compliance.

Parameters: Branch, Team, Discipline

Report Includes: Patient Name, Patient Status, Branch, Team, Discipline, Task, Task Status, Admission Date, Days Remaining

Visit Alerts

Description: Displays a list of all visits sorted by status.

Parameters: Branch, Assigned To, Status, Date Range

Report Includes: Branch, Patient Name, Assigned To, Visit Type, Visit Date, Visit Status

Frequency Watch Report

Description: Displays a list of patients who have visits scheduled over or under the ordered frequency for each active discipline for the patient. This report enables users to prevent survey deficiencies by ensuring visits are scheduled according to ordered frequencies.

Parameters: Branch, Team, Discipline

Report Includes: Patient Name, Branch, Team Discipline, Visits Scheduled, Visits Ordered, Variance

Scheduled Tasks

Description: Displays a list of tasks that have been scheduled for the agency for all patients and people in the agency on a given date.

Parameters: Branch, Date. This report will default to the current date but can be updated to any past or future dates to show scheduled tasks for the selected date.

Report Includes: Task, Status, Schedule Start, Schedule End, Patient, Employee

Missed Visits by User

Description: Generates a list of missed visits so users can identify common trends that may impact frequency compliance.
Parameters: Branch, Assigned To, Patient, Task Status, Date Range
Report Includes: Branch, Assigned To, User Status, Patient Name, Task, Task Status, Task Date, Reason, Physician Notified (Yes/No), RN Case Manager Notified (Yes/No), Narrative

Visit History by Date Range

Description: Displays visits and tasks for a specified date range, so users can monitor staff activity and performance when assigning new work to employees.
Parameters: Branch, Team, Title, Date Range
Report Includes: Employee Name, Title, Patient Name, Branch, Team, Task, Task Date, Task Status