Route Visits on Mobile

The Axxess Home Health mobile application now provides a Route Visits button on the Home screen that enables users to map their daily visit routes. When this button is clicked, the system will map the most efficient route to complete visits for the day, beginning with the user’s current location and ending with their home address. This feature streamlines operations and increases efficiency by eliminating unnecessary drive time.

To route your visits for the day, click Route Visits on the Home screen in the Axxess Home Health mobile app.

The most efficient route to complete your visits will appear on the Route Visits screen. The blue bubble on this map represents your current location. The red pins represent patient locations. The blue house icon represents your home address.

Tap on a red pin to view the patient’s name, address and task type. Tap the arrows in the pop-up to view other visits scheduled at that address for the day.

Tap Directions for turn-by-turn directions to each visit along the route.

To route visits for future dates, swipe up to reopen the Route Visits section at the bottom of the screen, select a date from the Visit Date menu and click Done. Visits can be routed for up to 30 days into the future.

Updated on 08/07/2023