Patient Profile, OASIS-C2 Discharge Updates

Patient Profile

(Quick Report): Other DME Needed


Under Edit Patient Profile, the text note added to Other DME Needed flows to the Patient Profile (Quick Reports).

SN Visit

Visit Information on Tablet

All fields in the Visit Information section of Skilled Nurse Note are now visible on a tablet using the Google Chrome web browser.



OASIS-C2 Discharge

Discharge Readiness Statement


In the Discharge Readiness section of OASIS-C2 Discharge, the eighth selection now states: Physician(s) notified of patient’s discharge and DC summary to be sent within 5 days if DC to community.



Discharge Readiness Statement


In the Summary of Care tab of OASIS-C2 Start of Care, the Patient Received Written Patient Rights and Responsibilities language has been revised as follows:


**Patient, patient-selected representative, legal representative ** received written patient rights and responsibilities in the primary or preferred language of the patient or representative, and in a manner that the individual can understand, during the initial evaluation visit, and in advance of care being furnished by the HHA in advance of care, including discharge, transfer policies, OASIS and HIPAA Privacy Statements. Signature(s) received for written notice per requirements.




Updated on 5/15/2018