Axxess CARE Expansion

Axxess CARE is now available in 16 states.

Clinicians in the following states can download the Axxess CARE app and start applying for visits. Visits on Axxess CARE are posted by home health agencies using Axxess Home Health software and seeking visit coverage to fulfill patients’ needs.

Active States and Disciplines

Skilled Nursing Only  Skilled Nursing & Physical Therapy 
Arizona California
Indiana Florida
Nevada Illinois
North Carolina Massachusetts
Oklahoma Michigan
Pennsylvania Ohio
South Carolina Texas

Download Axxess CARE

To get started, download the Axxess CARE mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store and complete the sign-up process. Click to watch the video below for additional information on using the Axxess CARE app.

Axxess will alert you when Axxess CARE expands to other states.