OASIS Scrubber


Axxess has used the OASIS Scrubber powered by Home Health Gold for several years to audit OASIS for Clinical Inconsistencies, Coding Inconsistencies, Fatal Audits and CMS Warnings.


Now you have the ability to customize the scrubber to trigger audits and alerts for many more categories.


To review currently selected scrubber categories and add the new scrubber categories as desired, you will need to hover over Admin and select Manage Company Information. After entering your electronic signature and selecting proceed, you will be logged into the Manage Company Information screen.

Manage Company Info


Select the tab on the left labeled Scrubber Information.


After selecting or deselecting the preferred Scrubber Categories, click on Submit Request to save the changes.


A green box should appear in the top right corner stating “Scrubber info is saved successfully”.

Success Notification


The first 4 listings shown below are the original audits which previously have automatically flagged without user intervention. These will be selected by default in the Scrubber Information page but those with access to manage company info will be able to choose to leave them selected, add other options, or deselect, as they may choose to do so.



The Clinical Audits, called an Inconsistency Flag, focus on possible inconsistencies between OASIS responses on a particular assessment. These may or may not need to be altered depending on the inconsistency and patient functionality.



Diagnosis Coding Audits focus on possible inconsistencies between a diagnosis and other OASIS items. They also identify instances where the diagnoses may not conform to coding rules, particularly as they relate to PPS Reimbursement.

3. tcb_scrubber_coding4. tcb_scrubber_coding



Fatal Audits focus on the rules CMS uses to reject OASIS Assessments. They apply to all assessments an agency plans to submit to CMS. Fatal audits show on both the signature page and on the full audit page. Fatal audit errors will typically not allow you to complete the OASIS until corrected.

7. tcb_scrubber_fatal sig page

6. tcb_scrubber_fatal on pdf



The CMS Warning Audits are derived from CMS consistency rules for submitting OASIS data. They consist of audits that generate a warning but do not cause rejections. This will also appear on the signature page of the OASIS with a yellow triangle symbol beside it.

5. tcb_scrubber_cms warning





The Grouper Validity audits identify OASIS responses or omissions that block the generation of a valid HIPPS score. Such omissions may also create a “Fatal” Audit. Typically this is going to generate an error on the signature page as well and will not allow the OASIS to be completed, if not completed properly.

14. tcb_scrubber_grouper



The Process Measure Audits identify responses to process items that signify that “best practice” has not been followed. These issues will eventually reflect on the agency via their CASPER reports.

9. tcb_scrubber_process measure



Outcome Potential Audits show the 7 OASIS items where improvement over the course of care is measured. These audits are designed to help an agency identify situations where they have potentially under-assessed a patient’s needs, assessing the patient as doing so well at SOC or ROC that later ratings cannot reflect improvement.

11. tcb_scrubber_outcomes



The Compliance Risk Audits focus on instances where the pattern of OASIS responses and planned care patterns has strong potential for triggering a post-payment review.

10. tcb_scrubber_compliance risk



The Potentially Avoidable Events Audits identify responses on an assessment that will trigger a Potentially Avoidable Event flag at CMS.

13. tcb_scrubber_avoidable



The Readmission Flags show, for a particular OASIS assessment, responses which are common to patients who are especially likely to experience an early return to the hospital.

12. tcb_scrubber_readmit risk