COVID-19 Screening Updates

Axxess Home Care now enables users to perform more comprehensive COVID-19 screenings to keep clients and staff safe and comply with new and anticipated regulations related to COVID-19.

The enhanced COVID-19 screening reflects the most up-to-date information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including the latest signs and symptoms, and the emergency ruling issued by the Health and Human Services Commission of Texas in response to the virus.

These updates enable agencies to seamlessly comply with new and anticipated regulations related to COVID-19, and ensure that emergency planning and policies include safe and effective measures to preserve the health and wellness of the community.

As new information is released by the CDC and other regulatory agencies, Axxess will continue providing tools and functionality to help clients appropriately manage operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and onward.

COVID-19 Screening Updates

An unlimited number of COVID-19 screenings can be completed from the web and mobile applications.

The enhanced COVID-19 screening:

  • Enables users to screen clients’ household members and non-agency caregivers in addition to clients and agency staff
  • Enables users to document the name of the person screened and his/her relationship to the patient
  • Reflects the most recent signs and symptoms of COVID-19 from the CDC
  • Requires users to confirm that COVID-19 screenings were performed before care delivery and agency policies and procedures were followed to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Requires clinicians to electronically sign the screening
  • Records the date and time that the screening was completed
  • Enables users to document a client’s, household member’s or non-agency caregiver’s refusal to complete a COVID-19 screening and records the date and time of the refusal

Infectious Disease Profile Updates

Two new columns have been added to the Infectious Disease Profile to identify the person screened and his or her name. The information in these columns populates based on data documented in the respective fields on each screening.

Updated on 7/21/2020