Payer Categories

The Payer Categories feature enables users to group payer types into custom payer categories. Agencies can create payer categories and identify which payer types to group into each category. Once categories are created and payer types are grouped, line items in the Claim & Invoice Activity Report are automatically grouped by the created categories.

To Group Payer Types into Custom Categories:

  • Select Company Setup under the Admin tab.
  • Navigate to the Billing/Financial tab and select Add Payer Category under Payer Categories.

Admin tab ➜ Company Setup ➜ Billing/Financial tab ➜ Payer Categories section ➜ Add Payer Category

  • Name the category by typing in the Payer Category Name field.
  • Select one or more payer types in the Payer Types field. The payer types selected will be associated with the payer category.
  • Click Save to finish adding the payer category.

Adding payer categories automatically groups line items in the Claim & Invoice Activity Report by category.

To Access the Claim & Invoice Activity Report:

  • Navigate to the Report Center under the Reports tab.
  • In the Billing/Financial Reports section, select Claim & Invoice Activity Report.

Reports ➜ Report Center ➜ Billing/Financial Reports ➜ Claim & Invoice Activity Report

For additional details, visit the Claim & Invoice Activity Report page.

Updated on 12/03/2019