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Getting Started – Setup Steps


Welcome to AxxessCARE!


Before you dive into using AxxessCARE, there a few steps you need to complete.


These steps include:

  1. Registering for AxxessCARE
  2. Set up your AxxessCARE account
  3. Post your first visit



These steps are only necessary if your agency is new to AxxessCARE. If you already use AxxessCARE, you have already completed this process.


Registering for AxxessCARE

if you have already completed this step, please proceed to the next section; Setting up your AxxessCARE


a.  Log into AgencyCore through Axxess.com.


b.  If you are an administrator, you will see a “Get Started” pop-up window on your dashboard.


Note: If you do not see this pop-up window, please contact your administrator to begin the registration for AxxessCARE.




c.  Click on “Get Started”

Note that by initiating this action, you are agreeing to terms of service for AxxessCARE.


d.  After the above action, please refresh your browser and you will see the AxxessCARE Tab on your AgencyCore dashboard between “Schedule” and “Billing”.



Setting up AxxessCARE Account

Switching from AgencyCore to AxxessCARE


a.  Log into AgencyCore through Axxess.com.

b.  Hover your mouse over the “Logout” icon on the upper-right hand corner.

1.  A drop-down menu with a list of all your Axxess products will appear.

c.  Click on AxxessCARE from the drop-down menu.

1.  Please note that by initiating this action, you are acknowledging that you are leaving your current application and permitting the system to transport you to AccessCare.

2.  A pop-up window will appear confirming that you wish to navigate to AxxessCARE

3.  Select your current application to confirm that you are exiting this application

4.  Click on “Switch Application”

5.  A new window should open on your browser with the AxxessCARE home page.



Setting Up Pay Rates

You will see a congratulatory message on AxxessCARE.


1.  Click on “Set pay rate”

a.  Set your RN and LVN pay rates respectively

2.  Click on “Save Pay Rates”

Note that by initiating this step, you have successfully set the monetary rates of future RN and LVN visit rates.

a.  Please note that you are free to change these pay rates at any time.

b.  Please note that you are also free to change individual visit pay rates at any time.



Setting Authorized AxxessCARE User

  1.   Please be advised that the authorized AxxessCARE user should be the most readily available point of contact      for clinicians whenever they are applying for visits, starting visits, completing visits, payment, as well as any      communication with the clinician.


2.  You are now successfully registered on AxxessCARE!

a.  Please follow the steps in the next section; Posting a Visit using AxxessCARE, to start posting visits.



Setting your Payment Method

1.  Hover over the user’s name on the top right-hand corner.

a.  You will see a drop-down window with the details of your agency

2.  Click on “Payment Method”


3.  Input your payment information.


4.  Click “Okay” to confirm.