Aide Care Plan


Aide Care Plan Updates

To Access the New Aide Care Plan:


A new Aide Care Plan tab now appears on OASIS assessments, providing a direct path for clinicians to create an Aide Care Plan while completing an OASIS.


On the new tab, select Add/Edit Aide Care Plan to generate an Aide Care Plan.



In the Aide Care Plan, select one of the following Aide Care Plan Types: HHA, PAS, Homemaker, or Other. Select things to report and enter any special considerations.



Under Plan Details, select tasks for the aide to perform.



Document the Care Plan review or update with the aide, patient and/or caregiver.


Once the information is complete, sign the Aide Care Plan and select CREATE & COMPLETE.


The Aide Care Plan will automatically flow to the Patient Chart, requiring no further action from the clinician. The complete information in the Aide Care Plan will automatically be generated when the OASIS assessment is completed.


Important: You may only have one Aide Care Plan per day. If the Aide Care Plan has an error, it will need to be deleted before Aide Visits are performed.


When the Aide Care Plan Is Approved in QA, but the OASIS Is Incomplete:


Once the Aide Care Plan is approved, the aide will be able to perform their scheduled visits. However, the locators in the Aide Care Plan such as, safety, functional status, advance directives etc., will not flow to the Aide Care Plan.


Once the OASIS is signed (which is also when the Patient’s Plan of Care is sent to the Patient Chart), the locators inside the Aide Care Plan will automatically update.


If your organization uses the Frequency and Duration feature, the Aide Visits will have a red triangle symbol adjacent to the scheduled visit when the OASIS is incomplete. This happens because the frequencies and Plan of Care are not created until after the OASIS is signed.


When the Aide Care Plan Is Generated, but the HHA Care Plan Is in QA:


When the Aide Care Plan is in QA, Aide Visits may be scheduled, and the aide may view tasks on the Aide Care Plan. However, the Aide will not be allowed to complete an unapproved Care Plan and will receive the following message:


To Schedule New Aide Visits:


When an Aide Care Plan is completed inside the OASIS, the following visit types may be scheduled:

  • HHA Visit (Generated Task)
  • PAS Visit (Generated Task)
  • Homemaker Visit (Generated Task)
  • Custom Note (Generated Task)


Aide Care Plan PDF:


Updating the Aide Care Plan:


The Aide Care Plan may be updated or initiated from the following locations when an OASIS assessment is completed within the episode:

  • Patient Chart


  • Skilled Nurse Note


  • Supervisory Visit

When updating the Aide Care Plan, keep in mind:

  • The Aide tasks are effective as of the date entered.
  • Aide tasks cannot be back-dated in the system.
  • There can only be one Aide Care Plan per day.
  • To enter another Aide Care Plan on the same day, the current Aide Care Plan must be deleted in the Patient Chart, if visits are associated with that Care Plan.
  • To view the Aide Care Plan without changing the task:
    • Select Add/Edit Aide Care Plan.
    • View the tasks.
    • If no changes are needed, select the “x” in the top right column.


Aide Visit Note:


The Aide Visit Note displays only the filtered tasks entered by the clinician completing the Aide Care Plan and pertinent information needed to provide continuity of care.