Telehealth Visit Custom Note

In the wake of COVID-19, telehealth is emerging as a way to complete visits and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Axxess users can set up custom notes and templates to document telehealth visits in Axxess Home Care.

Complete the following steps to set up and complete telehealth visit documentation.

Enable & Rename PAS Travel Note

1. Enable and Rename PAS Travel Note

To enable and rename the PAS Travel Note, navigate to the Document Management tab in Company Setup. Select New and rename the PAS Travel Note to accommodate your agency’s telehealth specifications.

Admin tab ➜ Company Setup ➜ Document Management tab ➜ New

Depending on the payment source and regulations, indicate whether the note will be billable, payable or both.

Create a New Template

2. Create a New Template

Navigate to the Templates list under the Admin tab to create a new template.

Admin tab ➜ Lists ➜ Templates ➜ New Template

Schedule a Telehealth Note

3. Schedule a Telehealth Note

To schedule a telehealth note, navigate to the client’s schedule in the Schedule Center and select a day on the calendar to schedule the note. Assign the note to the appropriate caregiver to complete and document the telehealth visit.

Schedule tab ➜ Schedule Center ➜ Schedule telehealth note

Document Telehealth Note

4. Document Care in the Telehealth Note

Once scheduled, the caregiver can load the template and document the telehealth visit using the telehealth note.