POC, SN Note, OASIS, Month-End Report Updates

Clearing Cardiovascular Values

OASIS and Skilled Nurse Note: Clearing Cardiovascular Values


The Edema, Non-Pitting values under the Cardiovascular Section can now be cleared when unchecked in both the OASIS and Skilled Nursing Notes.



POC: Discipline Options

The Other Discipline Recommendation section in the Plan of Care has been updated to indicate all options, except the actual discipline completing the evaluation. The PDF will also print the selected choices correctly.



Patient Charts: Emergency Contact

The Emergency Contact has been modified with a validation that will require a phone number entry before the contact information can be saved. The Emergency Contact section will also allow users to delete an existing or additional contact if it is not accurate.



SN Note: Print Queue

The Print queue has been updated to display the new Conditions of Participation-compliant Skilled Nursing Note.



Non-OASIS: Wound Care Upload

The ability to delete an uploaded file under the Non-OASIS SOC has been restored.


OASIS: Diagnosis View

The OASIS diagnosis displays on a single line with the full description of the diagnosis when a user hovers over the diagnosis box.



Billing: Adjusted Claims

The correct adjusted amount now displays in both the claim and the claim grid on all adjusted claims displaying the correct total payment.



OASIS: Pain Scale Graph

All the documented pain levels in the OASIS will flow and display in the Pain Scale Graph (in the Vital Signs section of Patient Charts). The pain level will be gathered from the Non-verbal Wong Baker tool and all of the pain levels entered in the patient notes.



OASIS SOC: Frequency and Duration

The Frequency and Duration Warning now flags incorrect or out of range frequencies beyond the established episode.




– Month-End AR Report

Month-End Accounts Receivable Report

The Month-End AR Report (under the Billing/Financial section) includes a new Include Total Charges toggle. If Yes is selected, the report includes a new Total Charge column (between the Assessment and RAP Status columns).




– Month-End Payment/Adjustment

Report Center: Month-End Payment/Adjustment Activity Report


New Pending and Non-admit patient statuses have been added to the report to ensure that all patients are fully represented. The patient status is indicated in the column as either Active, Discharges, Non-Admit or Pending.



Updated on 5/02/2018