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7/01/2019: Infection Log Updates

Infection Log Updates

The updated infection log enables complete documentation of infections, including the origination, signs and symptoms, treatment, follow-up notes, and resolution.


Access the Infection Log

Create>New>Infection Log

Or through Clinical Notes:



The updated infection log includes:



Type of Infection/Signs and Symptoms



Infection Log Report Comments





Flow of Infection Log

Once the clinician completes an infection log:


If N/A is selected in the Follow-Up section, the infection log will flow to the QA Center.


If follow-up documentation is required, the infection log will flow to View>Lists>Infection Logs.

Once follow-up documentation is completed, the Complete button is enabled and the user can click Complete to sign the infection log. The date and time that the follow-up documentation is completed, and the time of signature, become visible on the infection log. The date the infection was identified is noted in a section at the top of the infection log. Once the documentation is signed, it flows to the QA Center (unless the user has permissions to bypass QA).

Infection Surveillance Report

Access the Infection Surveillance Report 

Reports>Report Center>Patient Reports>Infection Surveillance Report


Infection Surveillance Report Parameters

Infection Surveillance Report Components

Tabs on the Infection Surveillance Report



Updated on 7/01/2019