Do I have to use my mobile number?

Yes. Once you complete the Basic Information section, AxxessCARE will send you a text message with a link to verify your number. This verification must be completed before you may apply for visits. AxxessCARE will also use this number to send push notifications and text alerts regarding visit statuses, reminders, and other important information.

Do I have to include my middle name?

AxxessCARE uses Checkr for background checks. Checkr requires the middle name for verification purposes. If you do not have a middle name, please select the “I don’t have a middle name” box.

Why am I not able to edit my name or date of birth?

For security purposes, the ability to edit your name and date of birth is disabled once your background check is successful.

How do I add my experience?

You may add your applicable experience by editing your profile. Select Profile from the menu and then select Edit located in the upper-right corner of your profile page. From the Profile Settings page, select Profile. On this page, you may select your nursing credential, years of experience, competencies and languages. You will be able to add your license information, describe your qualifications and detail your experience through the Bio page.

Do I have to add competencies?

In order to match with visit postings, you will need to rate your skills from 1 (prefer not to perform) to 4 (independent) in the “Skills Assessment” in the profile. Agencies may also review competencies when assigning visits, so a thorough list of your competencies may result in a higher number of assignments!

How many competencies am I allowed to add?

There is no limit to how many competencies you may select. Remember to add to your competencies each time you acquire a new skill. Remember to only add a competency you are able to perform independently.

The app won’t let me continue without choosing a language.

You must select a language to complete your profile. Choose all languages you speak then tap OK.

Do I have to upload a profile picture?

Yes. You are required to have a profile picture uploaded before you can apply for visits. Make sure it is a good, up-close picture of you and only you. Please do not include pictures of friends, pets, or children in your photo. This picture will be used for your “digital badge” and will be the picture the agency will see when deciding who to offer the visit to. It would benefit you to have your hair brushed and smile for your picture.

Do I have to upload my resume?

No, uploading your resume is not required to apply for visits. However, the more information you include, the better chances you have of being selected for visits!