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Improving HHCAHPS Scores

HHCAHPS survey scores are reported publicly by CMS on Home Health Compare. Scores are updated quarterly to reflect your most recent four quarters of data. Based on patients’ responses to the survey questions, a score is calculated for each survey category: three composite measures and two global rating measures.

The questions that comprise each measure are listed below. Click the hyperlinks to access content on how you can improve your publicly reported HHCAHPS scores. (For details on how scores are calculated, click here.)

Care of Patients Composite

“Patients who reported that their home health team gave care in a professional way”

Q9. Informed Providers

Q16. Gentleness

Q19. Courtesy and Respect

Q24. Problems with Care

Communications Composite

“Patients who reported that their home health team communicated well with them”

Q2. Communications Between Providers and Patients

Q15. Information on Provider Arrival Time

Q17. Ensuring Patient Comprehension

Q18. Careful Listening

Q22. Provider Responsiveness

Q23. Agency Responsiveness

Specific Care Issues Composite

“Patients who reported that their home health team discussed medicines, pain and home safety with them”

Q3. Home Safety

Q4. Discussing Medications

Q5. Assessing Medications

Q10. Discussing Pain (Part 1) and Discussing Pain (Part 2)

Q12. Discussing Medication Intent (Part 1) and Discussing Medication Intent (Part 2)

Q13. Discussing Medication Frequency

Q14. Discussing Side Effects of Medication

Global Rating Measures

Q20. Overall Rating of Care

Q25. Patient Willingness to Recommend Home Health Agency

HHCAHPS Survey Overview