From the Home screen you can open your: Messages, Schedule, and Patients.

App 11 Ab

Use the 3 lines in the top left corner to open the drop down navigation window. This allows you to quickly navigate around the mobile app’s features.

app 12 Ab

The drop-down navigation allows you to select: Home, My Account, My Messages, My Schedule, My patients, and Help/Support.

app 13 Ab



Selecting Home will navigate back to the Home screen.

app 14 AbApp 11 Ab



My Account

My Account opens your personal profile settings.

You can change your password and choose your display preferences.

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My Messages

My Messages is an inter-agency messaging system that allows you to quickly view and compose messages.

app 16 Ab

To view a message, select Inbox, then click on the message you would like to open.

app 22 Ab

You can now Trash (delete), Forward or Reply to the message.

app 23 Ab

When a message has an attachment, click on the blue attachment to download and open it.

app 24 AB

To compose a New Message, select Compose in the bottom right corner.

app 22 Ab

You can select who you are sending the message to and choose a patient, if the message pertains to a patient.

app 25 AB

Add an attachment to a message by selecting the Paper Clip, then select to take a photo or choose an image from your Photo Library.

app 26 Ab

Now compose your message or use the Talk to Text feature.

app 27 Ab

Use Talk to Text by selecting the Microphone icon, then simply say what you want to type.

app 28 ab app 29 ab

After composing your message, select Send in the top right corner.

app 30 ab

The recipients will receive a HIPAA-compliant message in their inbox prompting them to login to view the message.

app 51 AB



My Schedule

app 17 Ab

My Schedule shows your Past Due, Upcoming, Completed Visits, and allows you to schedule New Task items.

app 31 Ab

To schedule a new visit, select New Task in the bottom right corner.

app 32 Ab

Select the Patient, Episode, Date, Task, and User. Then select Add to schedule the talk.

app 33 Ab

After selecting Add, you will receive a notice that your task was saved successfully.

app 35 Ab

To view your Monthly Calendar, select the calendar icon at the bottom left.

app 53 AB

The calendar shows your monthly schedule. You can navigate to future and past months by using the arrows on the left and right.

app 54 Ab

To open a visit, select a task from either the Past Due or Upcoming list.

app 36 Ab

The Visit Note shows the Visit and Episode Comments.

app 37 Ab

You can select the Care Plan to open and view the patient’s care plans.

app 38 Ab

After viewing the Care Plan, navigate back to the Visit note.

app 41 Ab

Now you can select to Start Visit. This will require your location to be turned on and will note the time you started the visit.

app 39 ab

When a visit is started in the app an Orange house symbol shows up on the task line in the patient’s chart. This lets the agency know a clinician is in the patient’s home.

app evv 8 AB

After Starting the Visit, you can now enter the time in and time out.

app 44 ab

app 45 ab

You can document your mileage and add the patient’s vital signs.

app 46 ab

Add personal notes for reference. You can use the Talk to Text feature to document.

app 47 Ab

You can choose to document a missed visit by selecting the Missed Visit tab.

app 52 AB

Select to generate an order, if needed. Document if Physician was notified and note the reason for the missed visit.

app 42 Ab

Provide your signature for the Missed Visit form.

app 43 ab

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) allows you to electronically verify a visit with the patient’s signature, start by selecting End and Verify Visit.

app 44 ab

The app uses GPS to verify you are in the proximity of the patient’s home. Ensure your location service is turned on.

app evv 2

Scroll down and select Verify Visit.

app evv 3 ab

After the app verifies you are in the correct patient location, the screen for the patient to sign pops up. The patient can sign with either their finger or a stylus, then select Verify Visit.

app evv 5 Ab

Confirm the patient’s signature.

app evv 6 Ab

You can now view the signature with the location and time of the visit.

app evv 7 ab

A green house now appears next to the scheduled task that indicates the task has been verified with a signature.

app evv 11 AB

app evv 12 AB

To ensure you have EVV success:

1. Verify the patient’s address is correct in the profile.

2. Ensure you are using the most up-to-date versions of Axxess mobile app and Google Maps.

3. Calibrate your Google maps — open the Google Maps app.

app evv 10AB

Select the compass icon in the bottom right corner to calibrate your map with your location.

app evv 9 AB


My Patients

App 18 Ab

Select a patient name from the drop down list or use the search bar.

app 55 Ab

app 56 AB

Select Info to view patient profile information. Select Edit to make any updates to the patient demographic information.

app 57 Ab

Select Call to navigate to your phone and directly call the patient.

app 59 ab

app 64 ab

Select Map to navigate from your current location to the patient’s home.

app 60 ab

Selecting: Caregivers, Physicians, Pharmacy, or Emergency Contacts will open a list of names that you can use to select who to call directly. There’s no need to look up phone numbers, simply select the green telephone icon to call.

app 63 AB

app 65 ab

Medications gives you the opportunity to view a patient’s active medication profile, including medication interactions.

app 62 AB

Select Warning to view drug interactions.

app 66 ab

app 67 Ab

Orders allows you to view and create patient orders by episode.

app 61 AB

To create a new order, select the (+) icon in the top right corner

app 69 ab

Select the episode for the order, the physician, order date, title, and description. Click Save or Complete.

app 70 ab

To complete, add your signature and click Save Signature.

app 71 Ab

You can view any order by selecting from the list to open.

app 72 ab


Help and Support

We are here to help you!

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