IDG Center

Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) Meetings are critical to maintaining successful hospice operations. The IDG Center in Axxess Hospice:

  • Addresses pain points involved in managing IDG components from the field to the office
  • Ensures compliance with CMS regulations while still giving users the flexibility to incorporate agency-specific practices throughout operations
  • Streamlines and simplifies IDG processes so agencies can reduce time spent on planning and documentation, and focus more on improving the lives of their patients.

IDG Center Functionality Overview

The IDG Center gives users complete control over IDG Meeting processes. All information is accessible/consolidated in a central location for easy management of all IDG-related tasks. A few features that help users streamline IDG operations include:

  • IDG Meeting Scheduling Automation
  • IDG Summary and Agenda Automation
  • IDG Prep Report for seamlessly auditing required clinical documents prior to IDG Meetings

Access the IDG Center

  • Hover over the IDG tab
  • Select Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) from the drop-down menu

Teams are listed on the left side of the screen. Users can filter by agency branch or type in the Search bar to locate a specific team.

Select a team from the left-side menu to view details. In the top left tile, the team name and team members are displayed. The team name and team members appear in the top left tile, and the number of Recertifications and Unassigned Patients appear in the top right. Click Edit Team to add or update team information.

Below the top banner, users can select from the following tabs to view:

  • Upcoming Agenda
  • Meetings
  • Team Members
  • Groups
  • Patients

Upcoming Agenda

The Upcoming Agenda tab displays information for the team’s next IDG Meeting. Patients are categorized into the following sections based on their activity in the software:

  • Death
  • Discharge
  • Admission
  • Recertification
  • Change in Level of Care
  • Active

Each patient tile provides an icon to go directly to the Patient Chart, Patient Schedule, Plan of Care Profile, Medication Profile, and Allergy Profile. Users can hover over an icon to see where it leads. Clicking View IDG Summary enables the user to view and update the IDG Summary.


The Meetings tab displays all meetings that have occurred and are scheduled for the team. In the Actions column on the right side of the screen, the Go to Meetings link directs the user to the IDG Meeting Details screen, where the IDG Agenda and Sign-In Sheet for the meeting can be accessed and printed.

Team Members

The Team Members tab displays a list of users who have been added to the team. To the right of each team member’s name and title, the Message User link in the Actions column enables users to message any team member directly from this screen.

The Edit Team link at the top of the screen enables the user to add, remove, or update members of the team.


The Groups tab displays the group name and hospice physician of each group within the team. The Edit Groups link in the top right enables the user to update the team’s groups.


The Patients tab displays the following information for each patient in the team:

  • Patient Name
  • MRN
  • Recertification Date
  • Group

Patients are listed in descending order with the most urgent Recertification Date at the top of the list.

A badge appears next to the patient’s name to alert users to upcoming and past due recertifications dates:

  • Upcoming: 30 to 15 days before recertification due date
  • At Risk: 14 to 1 day(s) before recertification due date
  • Past Due: Recertification due date has passed

Click Edit Team to edit the patients in this list. Users can also change an individual patient’s care team from the Patient Profile.

Updated on 9/27/2019