Manage Company Information


The Manage Company Information section, under the Admin tab, now features an improved layout for easier navigation and greater ease of use. These updates include the addition of new tabs and reorganization of certain information for a more organized, intuitive structure.


The tables below display how information is currently listed in the new Manage Company Information layout and how information has been reorganized from the previous layout.

  Manage Company Information New Layout

  Company Information

  • Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number and Time Zone
  • Activity Log
  Subscription Plan
  • Monthly Subscription Plans
  • Annual Subscription Plans
  • Comments
  • Authorization
  • Bypass Quality Assurance (QA) Center
  • OASIS Scrubber Audit Types
  • Plan of Care Summary Enable or Disable
  • Additional Regulatory Requirements
  • Require Time Entry for Documentation
  • Require Physical Therapy License Number
  • Frequency and Duration Warning
  • Billing
    • Medicare Week
    • LUPA Claim Re-Calculation
    • Therapy Upcoding-Downcoding
  • Submitter Information (Medicare)
  • MBI Number
  • Closed Accounting
  • Average Discipline Cost Per Visit
  • EVV
    • Login Credentials, Sandata and Medicaid ID Numbers

  Support Ticketing Center

  • List of employees with super-users identified