PECOS Verification Updates

Axxess Hospice now provides weekly PECOS eligibility checks for physicians. Users will also be alerted of a physician’s PECOS eligibility status when adding a new physician to Axxess Hospice, the patient chart or when completing a certification of terminal illness. This enhancement streamlines operations and facilitates compliance by alerting users of changes to a physician’s PECOS status, enabling organizations to adhere to regulation updates.

New Physicians

To add a new physician, navigate to the plus menu ( ) and select Physician.

➜ Physician

Alternatively, users can navigate to the three-line menu ( ), select Physicians and click the Add Physician button.

➜ Physicians ➜ Add Physician

A PECOS eligibility check will occur when a physician is initially entered into Axxess Hospice. Once entered, the physician’s PECOS status will be checked twice a week.

Certification of Terminal Illness

Users will be notified of the PECOS status of physicians while completing Attending Physician Certification of Terminal Illness and Hospice Physician Certification of Terminal Illness tasks.

Once the physician is entered into the attending or hospice physician field in the appropriate certification task, the physician’s PECOS status will be displayed.

If the user selects Complete for either certification of terminal illness task and the physician is not PECOS certified, the user will receive a notification alerting them to the physician’s PECOS status. The user can then elect to Cancel or Continue the task.

When the user downloads the PDF of the certification of terminal illness, the verification status will also be displayed.

Patient Profile

When a user creates or edits a patient’s profile and navigates to the Physicians tab, all hospice and attending physicians entered will display an icon detailing PECOS eligibility status. When users hover over the icon of physicians who are PECOS ineligible, a message will appear notifying the user that inclusion of the physician could result in claim denial.

PECOS Billing Update

Claims submitted with a PECOS ineligible attending or hospice physician listed on a certification of terminal illness will now display a claim hold notification. Claims will display a yellow exclamation mark under the claim hold column. When the symbol is hovered over the PECOS eligibility is displayed with a green checkmark if the physician is PECOS certified or a yellow X if the physician is not PECOS certified.

Updated on 05/22/2024