Real-Time Validations


Real-time validations compare physical assessment findings to OASIS items and automatically disable non-applicable items to prevent contradictory documentation. This functionality enables users to complete documentation faster and more accurately, and spend less time on QA review.

Enable Real-Time Validations

  • To enable real-time validations, select Company Setup under the Admin tab.
  • On the left side of the Company Setup screen, select the Clinical tab.
  • Under Real-Time Validations, click Enable.


Once enabled, validations will happen in real time as clinicians complete documentation. Validations occur at all OASIS time points and for all disciplines.


For example, if a clinician documents Dyspnea in a patient’s Respiratory Assessment, the non-applicable options on M1400 will be disabled. Non-applicable items include:

  • 0 – Patient is not short of breath
  • 1 – When walking more than 20 feet, climbing stairs


Non-applicable items are grayed out and cannot be selected, as shown in the following screenshot:



If the clinician indicates in the OASIS assessment that a patient is not short of breath, non-applicable items are grayed out in the Respiratory Assessment. Non-applicable items include:

  • Accessory muscles used
  • Orthopnea
  • Abnormal breath sounds
  • Dyspnea
  • Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND)
  • Tachyphnea



When a clinician documents Neuro/Behavioral Status, non-applicable OASIS options on M1700 and M1710 are disabled until the patient’s orientation is documented.

  • On M1700: 0 – Alert/oriented able to focus and shift attention, comprehends and recalls task directions independently.
  • On M1710: 0 – Never

As soon as orientation is documented, these OASIS responses are enabled.

Real-Time Validations Functionality

  • Validations occur for each tab in the OASIS
  • Information is validated regardless of whether the physical assessment or OASIS items are documented first.
  • Validations occur on web or mobile applications.

Mobile Validations

The example below shows real-time validations on a mobile application. When the user indicates that the patient has pain in the Pain Assessment, non-applicable items on M1242 are grayed out in the OASIS. Non-applicable items include:

  • 0 – Patient has no pain
  • 1 – Patient has pain that does not interfere with activity or movement


Real-Time Validations Video