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Where can I view my Assigned Visits?

You may view your assigned visits through the schedule. From the dashboard, select Schedule. You may scroll to view all past, current, and future assigned visits. You may also view your visits by opening the menu and selecting All Visits.

How can I see visits I have already applied for?

From the home screen, tap on Visits. The list of visits will have the “applied” flag attached to the visits you have applied for that have not been assigned. You can utilize the visit filter button at the bottom-right on the visit page to view only the visits in which you have applied, not applied, or all visits.

Will I be able to see a log of which patients I have seen and when?

You may view your visit history by opening the menu in the upper-left corner and select All Visits. From the All Visits page, look for the grey bar at the top of the page. You may choose to filter by visit status by tapping all visits and then tapping the desired filter and by timeframe by tapping the drop down to the most right. ” last 1 month” to “beginning of time.”

Will the agency call me or can I call them?

Both the agency and clinician can communicate with each other at any time before or during the visit using the AxxessCARE app. Prior to being assigned, you may message the agency through the app and they can return a message. After a visit has been assigned, the agency phone number is available to you and your number is available to them. Calling the agency is not required but is good practice.

How long do I have to accept an assignment?

Visit acceptance timeframes will depend on how quickly the patient needs to be seen. You will be notified of the allotted time you have to accept the visit in your notification of the visit offer.

Will I be able to complete visits in the app?

Yes. You can complete your visit documentation in the fully integrated AxxessCARE app except for wound flowsheet documentation. If you are seeing a patient with a wound you must sign into AgencyCore to complete the wound flowsheet. Signing the visit on Agencycore will complete the visit in AxxessCARE. Please see How do I document in AxxessCARE for full instructions.

How do I document in AxxessCARE?

To open your documentation in AxxessCARE, go to your scheduled visits either through the schedule on your dashboard or through the menu, tap on the visit you would like to document, and tap on the Documentation button located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. To document, simply tap on each section listed and complete that section. If you have completed the section, select to mark the section as completed and move on to the next section. If you need to come back and complete a particular section, Click Save and Continue. This will save your work and bookmark the section. Proceed through all sections until completed. Tap complete and you will be taken to the Professional Signature screen. Sign your document, select submit, and your document will be sent to the agency for review.

Can a patient sign for the visit in the app?

Yes, patients can sign for the visit within the AxxessCARE app. The AxxessCARE app is set up for electronic visit verification. Once you verify your visit location, you will be able to capture the patient’s signature right from the app. Please see How do I verify visits for full instructions.

What does it mean to verify a visit?

AxxessCARE uses your device’s GPS to verify you are in the proximity of the patient’s home as well as notating the time and date of your visit. Be sure to turn on your device’s location service for this function to work.

Why is the app telling me to turn on Location Services?

You must have your location services turned on in order to verify your visit. You can turn on your device’s location services through your device settings > Location > On.

How do I verify visits?

You can verify your visit by going to your assigned visit either through the menu tab or through Schedule on your dashboard. When you arrive at the patient’s home, tap on the appropriate visit to view the patient visit details. Tap on the Start Visit button located in the bottom of your screen. This will open your visit. When you have completed your visit, use the back button to end the visit. You will be prompted at this time to verify your visit. At this point, the app will verify your location and take you to the screen to capture the patient or caregiver’s signature.

Do I have to complete my documentation before getting a patient’s signature?

No. You may capture the patient’s signature before your documentation is complete. Be sure to select Start Visit when your visit begins. At the end of your patient visit, use your back button to return to the previous screen and you will be prompted to collect the patient or caregiver’s signature.

Why is the app unable to verify my location?

Some possible reasons the app is unable to verify your location are:

  • There is an error in the patient’s address. Please verify the patient’s address is accurate in the patient profile, including street number, street name, city, and ZIP code.
  • Your device’s GPS needs calibration. To check the accuracy of your device’s GPS, open the map on your device and ensure your location is accurately pinpointed. If it is not showing your current location, or if you have a wide location instead of a pinpoint, you may need to recalibrate your GPS.
  • You have a weak Internet signal. The AxxessCARE app and your device’s GPS require a good Internet connection to receive accurate coordinates. If you are currently connected to the Internet via WiFi, try switching to data.
  • The patient lives in an area with poor cellular service and GPS is unable to determine your location.

I am trying to verify my visit and it won’t let me without putting a reason I am not at the patient’s residence, but I am at that address. What do I do?

There may be an issue with the app finding your location. Please see Why is the app unable to verify my location for troubleshooting techniques.

If I am unable to verify the address, can I still get the patient’s signature?

Yes. If after troubleshooting the location issue, you are still unable to successfully verify your location, you may have the patient sign without verifying the visit. You will be required to give a reason as to why your visit could not be verified.

The patient’s address is incorrect and my location will not verify. How do I edit the patient’s address?

Only the agency may edit a patient’s demographic information. Please contact the agency to make necessary corrections.

Can I start my visit before I get to the patient’s home?

In order to successfully verify your visit, you must be at the patient’s address when you start the visit.

I was unable to get the patient’s signature at the time of the visit. Will I still be able to submit my note?

If you were unable to capture the patient or caregiver’s signature at the time of the visit, to submit your note you will need to mark unable to get signature, select other as the reason, and document the reason you were not able to get the signature. If you are unable to electronically capture the patient or caregiver’s signature, you will want to obtain a handwritten signature confirming your visit. Please check with the agency regarding their signature policy.

I am having issues with my device and cannot complete my documentation within the app. Am I able to complete my documentation on the website?

Yes, you are granted temporary access to Axxess AgencyCore when you are assigned a visit. Go to You will use the same username and password you use to log into AxxessCARE. If you are assigned visits by multiple agencies, simply select the correct agency on the dashboard then tap on the patient from your schedule presented. You will be able to complete and submit your documentation to the agency for review.

When I try and log into AgencyCore, I get a message that my username and/or password are invalid. How come I cannot log into AgencyCore anymore?

Once your documentation is approved by QA, temporary access is removed. You may view completed documentation through the AxxessCARE app.

How will I know if corrections to my note are needed?

If the agency returns your documentation for any reason, you will receive a push notification and an alert in your AxxessCARE messages and you will see the number of “QA Returned” on your home screen.

How do I make corrections if my note is returned?

To make corrections, open the alert notifying you of the returned visit in your messages and tap on the Edit Visit Note button. This will take you to the Visit Details page. You can then view the QA notes and edit your document by tapping on the View QA Note or Edit Documents button located at the bottom of your screen. You may also tap on the QA Returned button on the home screen which will take you to the list of visits or other documentation to be edited.

Can I make corrections to a note section after I have marked it completed?

Yes, you may make corrections to any section of your documentation until you sign and submit your note.

I submitted my note and realized I need to correct something. Can I reopen my completed note?

Once your note is submitted to the agency, you will need to contact the agency and have the QA return the note to you for any corrections.

How do I reschedule a visit?

Only the home health agency can reschedule visits. If you are not able to go on the scheduled date, you must return that visit to the agency.

How do I complete a missed visit if the patient is unavailable for care?

If the patient is unavailable for care, you will need to return the visit to the agency. Only the agency can mark a visit as missed. Navigate to your Assigned Visits from the menu tab in the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the visit you want to return, and tap Return Visit located in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to select a return reason, agree to the Terms of Cancellation, and sign the returned visit. The agency will be notified so they can reschedule the visit if needed or mark the visit as missed.

Why do I have to agree to Terms of Cancellation to return a visit?

Patient care is top priority. Once an assignment is accepted, the clinician is accountable for that visit and must agree to the Terms of Cancellation before returning a visit.

Will I be penalized for missed or returned visits?

Patient care must be the top priority. If you have multiple missed or returned visits, AxxessCARE may suspend your account. Be mindful of the visits you accept to avoid this from happening.

Can I document a visit after the scheduled date?

Visits must be started on the schedule date. If you started your visit and documentation on the scheduled date but were unable to complete your documentation, you can go back to the visit through your schedule or through the menu and finish documenting on a later date. If you did not start your visit on the scheduled date, you will only be able to return the visit.

Who is rating me, the agency or the patient?

At this time, it is the agency rating the nurses. There will be opportunities in the future for patients to rate their care as well.

What if an agency gives me a bad review? Can I dispute bad reviews?

There is not a way to dispute a bad review. If you believe there was a misunderstanding, you may want to reach out to the agency.

Can I rate the agency?

Yes, you may rate the agency once your visit is approved from the QA. Open the menu, select All Visits, select the completed visit, and select Rate Visit located at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This will take you to the rating screen. If you rate three stars or less you will need to give a reason. A rating of four or more stars requires no explanation but you can add comment as needed.