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Click to find answers to frequently asked questions on viewing, documenting and verifying visits on Axxess CARE.

Where can I view my assigned visits?

To view your assigned visits, log in to Axxess CARE and select Schedule from the Home screen. The Schedule screen shows all past, current and future assigned visits. You can also view your visits by selecting All Visits from the menu in the top left corner of the app.

Where can I view visits that I’ve applied for?

From the Home screen, select Visits. Visits that you’ve applied for, but have not yet been assigned to, will appear with an Applied flag. Use the filter at the bottom of the screen to filter visits by applied status (applied, not applied, all visits).

Why am I unable to apply for visits?

To apply for visits, make sure that all your current visits are completed or returned. Beginning December 16, 2020, clinicians on Axxess CARE with visits that are seven or more days past due are not allowed to apply for additional visits until all documentation is completed or returned.

To complete visit documentation or return visits:

  1. Log in to your Axxess CARE account.
  2. Click on the Past Due circle icon on the Home page.
  3. Select Beginning of Time from the drop-down menu to filter visits.
  4. Complete documentation or return visits on this list.

If you are still unable to apply for visits, please email us at axxesscaresupport@axxess.com so we can better assist you.

Can I see a log of which patients I’ve seen and when I saw them?

Yes. You can view your visit history by selecting All Visits from the menu in the top left corner of the app. On the All Visits page, you can filter by visit status and/or date range using the filters at the top of the screen.

Will the home health organization call me or can I call them?

Both the organization and clinician can communicate with each other at any time before or during the visit. Before a visit has been assigned, clinicians and organizations can message each other through the app. After a visit has been assigned, the organization’s phone number will be available to the assigned clinician, and the clinician’s phone number will be available to the organization. Calling the organization is not required but is a good practice.

How long do I have to accept a visit once it is assigned to me?

Visit acceptance deadlines depend on how quickly the patient needs to be seen. You will be notified of your allotted time to accept the visit in your notification of the visit offer.

Can I complete visit notes on the Axxess CARE app?

Yes. You can complete all visit documentation in the Axxess CARE app, except wound flowsheet documentation. If you are seeing a patient with a wound, you must sign in to Axxess Home Health to complete the wound flowsheet. Signing the visit in Axxess Home Health will complete the visit in Axxess CARE. For additional information, see the question below.

How do I document visits in Axxess CARE?

To document visits in Axxess CARE, navigate to the Schedule screen and select the visit you want to document. Click the Documentation button in the bottom left corner of the visit screen. To document, simply click on each section and complete the section fields. Once you’ve completed a section, mark the section as completed and move to the next section.

If you need to save and return to complete a section, click Save & Continue. This will save your work and bookmark the section. Proceed through all sections until the document is complete. Once the document is complete, click Complete. Sign the document and click Submit to send the document to the organization for review.

Can patients electronically sign to verify visits on the app?

Yes. Electronic visit verification is integrated in the Axxess CARE app, so patients can electronically sign to verify visits. Once you verify your visit location, you can capture the patient’s electronic signature in the app.

What does it mean to verify a visit?

Axxess CARE uses your device’s GPS location to verify that you are in sufficient proximity of the patient’s home and to record the date and time of the visit. Be sure to turn on your device’s location services for this function to work.

Why is the app telling me to turn on location services?

To verify a visit, location services must be enabled on your device. To enable location services, navigate to your device settings, find Location and select On.

How do I verify visits?

When you arrive at the patient’s home, open the Schedule or All Visits screen and select the appropriate visit. Click Start Visit to open the visit document. Once you complete the visit documentation, the app will verify your location and prompt you to capture the patient’s or caregiver’s signature to verify the visit.

Do I have to complete visit documentation before collecting a patient’s signature?

No. You can capture the patient’s signature before your documentation is complete. When your visit begins, be sure to select Start Visit. At the end of the visit, use your back button to return to the previous screen. The app will prompt you to collect the patient’s or caregiver’s signature to verify the visit.

Why is the app unable to verify my location?

There are a few reasons that the app may be unable to verify your location:

  • There is an error in the patient’s address. Verify that the patient’s address is correct in the patient’s profile, including the street number, street name, city and ZIP code.
  • Your device’s GPS needs calibration. To check the accuracy of your device’s GPS, open the map on your device and verify that your location is accurately pinpointed. If the map is not showing your current location, or if you have a wide location instead of a pinpoint, you may need to recalibrate your GPS.
  • You have a weak internet signal. The Axxess CARE app and your device’s GPS require a good internet connection to determine accurate coordinates. If you are currently connected to the internet via WiFi, try switching to data.
  • The patient lives in an area with poor cellular service and GPS is unable to determine your location.

If I am unable to verify my location, can I still collect the patient’s signature?

Yes. If after troubleshooting the location issue, you are still unable to successfully verify your location, you can collect the patient’s signature and enter the reason that you cannot verify your visit location.

The patient’s address is incorrect and my location will not verify. How do I edit the patient’s address?

Only the organization can edit a patient’s demographic information. Contact the organization to make the necessary corrections.

Can I start a visit before I get to the patient’s home?

No. In order to successfully verify a visit, you must be at the patient’s address when you start the visit.

If I’m unable to get the patient’s signature at the time of the visit, can I still submit the visit note?

Yes. If you were unable to capture the patient’s signature at the time of the visit, select Patient Unable to Sign and enter the reason that you were not able to get the signature. If you are unable to electronically capture the patient’s signature, you will want to obtain a handwritten signature confirming your visit. Check with the organization for specific details regarding their signature policy.

If I’m having issues with my device, can I complete visit documentation on the web?

Yes. When you are assigned to a visit on Axxess CARE, you will receive temporary access to document the patient’s visit in Axxess Home Health. To document a patient’s visit in Axxess Home Health, log in using your normal username and password. Select the organization in the Axxess Planner and open the patient’s visit. Complete and submit the visit documentation for the organization to review. Once your documentation is approved by QA, your temporary access is removed. You can view completed documentation through the Axxess CARE app.

How will I know if I need to make corrections to a visit note?

If the organization returns your documentation for any reason, you will receive a push notification and an alert in your Axxess CARE messages. The number of returned documents will also appear on your Home screen in Axxess CARE under QA Returned.

How do I make corrections after a visit note is returned to me?

To make corrections, open the alert notifying you of the returned visit in your messages. Click Edit Visit Note in the alert to open the Visit Details page. On the Visit Details page, click View QA Notes to view the QA notes or Edit Document to edit the document. You can also click on QA Returned on the Home screen to view a list of visits or other documentation that has been returned to you for corrections.

Can I make corrections to a visit note after marking it as completed?

Yes. You can make corrections to any section of your documentation until you sign and submit the note.

I submitted my note and realized that I need to correct something. Can I reopen my completed note?

Once your note is submitted to the organization, you must contact the organization and request that they return the note to you in the QA Center. Once the note is returned to you, you can make corrections and resubmit.

How do I reschedule a visit?

Only the home health organization can reschedule visits. If you are unable to perform a visit on the scheduled date, you must return the visit to the organization.

How do I complete a missed visit if the patient is unavailable for care?

Only the home health organization can mark a visit as missed. If a patient is unavailable for care at the time of the scheduled visit, you must return the visit to the organization. To return a visit, navigate to your Assigned Visits page from the menu in the top left corner of the screen. Select the visit you want to return and click Return Visit in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the reason for returning the visit, agree to the Terms of Cancellation and sign the returned visit. Once the visit is returned, the organization will be notified and can reschedule the visit or mark it as missed.

Will I be penalized for missed or returned visits?

If you have multiple missed or returned visits, Axxess CARE may suspend your account. Be mindful of the visits you accept to prevent this from happening.

Can I document a visit after the scheduled date?

Visits must be started on the schedule date. If you start a visit on the scheduled date but are unable to complete its documentation, you can return to the visit at a later date to finish documenting. If you did not start the visit on the scheduled date, you must return the visit to the organization.

Who is rating me – the organization or the patient?

The organization is responsible for rating clinicians on Axxess CARE. In future updates, patients will also have the ability to rate the care provided by the clinician.

What if an organization gives me a bad review? Can I dispute bad reviews?

If you believe there was a misunderstanding, you can contact the organization to discuss their concerns.

Can I rate the organization?

Yes. Once the visit note is approved in the QA Center, you can rate the organization. To rate the organization, open the completed visit in Axxess CARE and select Rate Visit at the bottom screen. Provide a star rating and enter comments as needed. One star represents poor performance and five stars represents excellent performance.

Ratings of three stars or lower require the reviewer to enter comments explaining the low rating. Users can, but are not required to, enter comments on ratings of four or five stars. We encourage users to provide comments on all ratings so that other clinicians on Axxess CARE can review comments for each organization and select the best organization to partner with.