Axxess has established an integration with McKesson that enables users to streamline the supply ordering process in Axxess Hospice.

By activating the integration, organizations can seamlessly manage patient demographics and status through automated communications sent from the Axxess solution.

This integration helps users prevent redundant documentation, minimize discrepancies and provide patient updates more seamlessly. Additionally, the integration helps users prevent errors and stay compliant with regulations.

Contact Axxess to request pricing details and activate the McKesson integration. Axxess Hospice users must activate the integration to use the following functionality.

McKesson Integration Overview

Patient updates, including demographics and patient status managed in Axxess, are securely sent through the interface to keep McKesson up to date on changes.

Transmit Patient Information

Once the McKesson integration is enabled, patient information is automatically sent through our secure interface when users make the following updates in Axxess:

Patient Admission


Patient Discharge


Patient Death


Patient Demographic Updates


Diagnosis Updates


Patient Updates

Location Updates