LUPA Thresholds on PDGM Center Patient List

Axxess Home Health now displays LUPA thresholds on the PDGM Center Patient List. This enhancement streamlines operations and optimizes ease of use when reviewing PDGM episodes and reimbursement projections.

To access the PDGM Center Patient List, navigate to the Home tab, hover over PDGM and select PDGM Center. In the PDGM Center, select View PDGM Center Patient List. A new window will open and display all active episodes and corresponding PDGM information.

Home tab ➜ PDGM ➜ PDGM Center ➜ View PDGM Center Patient List

Each billing period’s LUPA threshold now appears in the LUPA Threshold column. This enhancement enables users to compare completed and scheduled visits to the LUPA threshold generated based on the Home Health Resource Group (HHRG) Code via OASIS assessments.

Updated on 7/22/2021