National Provider Identifier

National Provider Identifier

When adding or editing physician information, the software now validates for a 10-digit NPI. If the NPI entered is not 10 digits in length, saving the physician information will fail and an error message “Physician NPI is not the right length (10).” will be displayed.


Note: Entering an invalid 10-digit NPI will pass the validation and allow the physician information to save. However, the PECOS verification would be marked as “No” in the Physician List view (or show the red “X” mark in the Physician Edit view) indicating that the entered NPI was not a valid PECOS number.



User Permission

Editing/Deleting Notes and Orders

Only users with appropriate permissions are now allowed to edit and/or delete any notes and orders from Communication Notes and Order and Care Plans (Patient Quick Reports). Without permission, the user will not see Edit/Delete Tasks (or the Action column).




POC: DME and Supplies

The DME and Supplies section of the Plan of Care now displays the DME and/or Supplies listing only if one or more DME and/or supplies was entered in the OASIS. If nothing was entered, the DME and/or Supplies list will not be shown on the POC print view (PDF).





Quick Report: Vital Signs

Pulse Graph


All documented patient’s pulses from the clinician Visit Notes within the episode will be pulled and populated onto the Pulse graph (in Quick Report Vital Signs Charts).




Updated on 5/10/2018