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Orders-Driven Scheduling

Orders-Driven Scheduling

Orders-driven scheduling enables agencies to optimize operations in the following ways:


Set Up Orders-Driven Scheduling 






Once the features are enabled, all visits will require an order before scheduling. Any new episodes will have calendars that are greyed out, except the first seven days of the episode.




Visits scheduled and performed in the first seven days of the episode will have a frequency warning symbol in the Schedule Center, until the OASIS is approved.



Once approved, the warning will be replaced with a green check mark symbol (as long as the visit falls within the ordered frequency).


Once all visits are scheduled, users can access the Frequency and Duration Summary in the Schedule Center, to quickly determine whether a visit was scheduled according to the ordered frequency.

(Schedule tab ➜ Schedule Center ➜ Episode Manager ➜ Frequency and Duration Summary)



If the user attempts to schedule more than the ordered number of visits for a given frequency, a warning message will instruct the user to complete a new order before scheduling further visits.




Updated on 5/23/2019