Tiered Rate Billing

Axxess Home Care now enables users to establish tiered billing rates based on visit time. This enhancement helps organizations manage and allocate resources more effectively, ensuring clients are charged in a manner that reflects the duration of care they receive.

To set up a tiered rate, navigate to the View tab, hover over Lists and select Payment Sources. On the Payment Sources screen, select Edit next to the desired payment source or create a new payment source. Navigate to the UB-04 or HCFA tab, scroll to the Bill Rates section and select Add Bill Rate. Complete the required fields in the Add Visit Information window. Select Tiered Rate from the Service Unit Type menu.

Do NOT select “Check if a time limit applies per unit.” This will be handled on the Tiered Rate Setup screen.

Click Set Up Tiered Rate.

On the Tiered Rate Setup screen, enter the start minute, end minute, units and amount, and click the save icon under Actions. Click Add Row to add another tier. Each row must be saved before adding an additional row. There will be system validation to ensure the units and amount entered are each greater than zero to prevent billing errors.

In the example below, a task that occurs from 10 to 10:50 a.m. (50 total minutes) would bill 3 units for a total of $50.

Once the appropriate tiers are set up, click Save & Exit. There will be a system validation to ensure the end minute of the last line equals 1,440. This is to prevent billing errors by accounting for the total minutes in a day.

Updated on 06/20/2024