Aide Care Plan

Axxess CARE now enables clinicians to complete Aide Care Plans at the point of care from a mobile device.

When documenting an OASIS or Skilled Nurse Visit in Axxess CARE, clinicians now have easy access to add and document an Aide Care Plan.

Access the Aide Care Plan

To document an Aide Care Plan from an OASIS, navigate to the Aide Care Plan tab and click the Aide Care Plan button.

OASIS ➜ Aide Care Plan tab ➜ Aide Care Plan

To document an Aide Care Plan from a Skilled Nurse Visit, navigate to the Supplemental Documents section and click Add/Edit Aide Care Plan.

Skilled Nurse Visit ➜ Supplemental Documents ➜ Add/Edit Aide Care Plan

Aide Care Plan

The following tabs appear on the Aide Care Plan:

Aide Care Plan


Things to Report


Special Considerations


Plan Details




The Signature Date field pre-populates with the current date and can be edited as needed. The Signature Time field pre-populates with the current time and can also be edited.

When Complete is selected, the Aide Care Plan will appear in the Schedule Center in Pending OASIS Approval status.

The Aide Care Plan will then flow to the QA Center to be approved. Once the Aide Care Plan and OASIS have been approved in QA, the care plan can be linked to scheduled aide notes.

Updated on 08/19/2021