ACHC Certified FAQs

What is ACHC?

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) is a nonprofit accreditation organization that has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence since 1986. The organization is CMS recognized for Home Health, Hospice, Home Care, Renal Dialysis, Home Infusion Therapy, DMEPOS, Acute Care Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Clinical Laboratories, and Critical Access Hospitals; ACHC also provides accreditation for other organization types not covered by CMS.

What does “ACHC Certified” mean?

ACHC offers product certification based on a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s ability to meet ACHC standards in administration, operations, fiscal management, human resources, provision of care, quality assurance/performance improvement and risk management.

ACHC Product Certification demonstrates Axxess’ compliance with ACHC’s accreditation standards and commitment to operational excellence and quality care. This certification also adds value for the Axxess clients that work with ACHC.

How did Axxess become “ACHC Certified”?

To earn ACHC Product Certification, Axxess participated in a rigorous survey similar to the surveys agencies experience. The survey evaluated our solutions and their ability to meet software requirements for each ACHC standard.

Which Axxess solutions have been “ACHC Certified”?

The “ACHC Certified” status applies to Axxess Home Health, Axxess Hospice and Axxess Home Care.

What does Axxess’ “ACHC Certified” status mean for my organization?

By achieving certification of its software, Axxess has demonstrated its commitment to serving home health, home care and hospice providers with high-quality solutions. ACHC accreditation customers can also be confident that Axxess solutions are in compliance with ACHC standards.

How can I learn more about ACHC?

ACHC’s broad array of accreditation programs and services includes industry-first distinctions that allow providers to further demonstrate their commitment to a higher level of specialization and patient care.

ACHC is committed to helping healthcare providers maintain continuous compliance. Personal Account Advisors, program-specific educational materials, competitive pricing, and a friendly, collaborative approach make ACHC the provider’s choice for accreditation. To learn more, visit the ACHC website.