PDGM Center Patient List Updates

The PDGM Center Patient List in Axxess Home Health now provides additional insights to help organizations view and monitor Low-Utilization Payment Adjustments (LUPAs).

By enabling users to easily monitor LUPAs without having to navigate to the PDGM Dashboard at the patient level, this enhancement streamlines operations, optimizes reimbursement and improves patient care.

Access the PDGM Center Patient List

To access the PDGM Center Patient List, navigate to the PDGM Center under the PDGM tab. In the PDGM Center, click on the green PDGM Center Patient List button.

PDGM tab ➜ PDGM Center ➜ PDGM Center Patient List

Users can also access the PDGM Center Patient List by clicking a number on the LUPA Risk Alert tile in the PDGM Center.

PDGM Center Patient List Updates

Two new columns appear on the PDGM Center Patient List:

  • Billing Period: This column enables users to easily identify patients in the first billing period versus patients in the second billing period.

  • Completed Visits: This column displays the number of scheduled visits that have been completed in the system.

To view additional LUPA information, click on the PDGM Dashboard icon or 30-Day Calendar icon in the column between MRN and Primary Diagnosis.

Updated on 12/02/2020