Updated Incident Log

Axxess Home Health now provides an updated incident log to help organizations with standardized documentation of patient incidents in accordance with accreditation bodies and federal and state regulations.

To access the new incident log, users must have permission to create incident/accident and infection logs in Axxess Home Health.

Incident Log Permissions

To give a user permission to access the new incident log, edit the user’s profile and navigate to the Permissions tab. In the Clerical section, select Create Incident/Accident & Infection Log. Click Save to finish granting the permission to the user.

View/Admin tab ➜ Lists ➜ Users ➜ Edit ➜ Permissions tab ➜ Clerical section ➜ Create Incident/Accident & Infection Log ➜ Save

Access the Incident Log

To create a new incident log, navigate to the Create tab, hover over New and select Incident Log.

Create tab ➜ New ➜ Incident Log

To view existing incident logs, navigate to the View tab, hover over Lists and select Incident Log.

View tab ➜ Lists ➜ Incident Log

Incident logs can also be accessed from clinical notes.

The Incident Log screen is divided into six sections:

Patient Information


Individuals Involved


Type of Incident


Evaluation and Actions


Incident Description/Comments




Patient Information

When accessing a patient’s information from a visit note, the following details are automatically generated in the Patient Information section, once a patient is selected from the drop-down list.

Patient Name


Medical Record Number


Date of Incident


Time of Incident


Primary Diagnosis


Secondary Diagnosis






Date of Birth


Start of Care Date


Attending Physician


Clinical Manager


Case Manager


The user will be prompted to select Yes or No for the following items:

Family/Caregiver Notified


Physician Notified


Individuals Involved









Type of Incident



DME Malfunction


Fall with Injury


Fall Without Injury


Near Fall


Medication Issue


Patient Complaint


Missing/Damaged Property


Patient Care Error


Physical Altercation


Protected Health Information (PHI) Breach


Service Failure


Suicide Attempt or Completion


Verbal Altercation




Evaluation and Action

The Evaluation and Action section has four subsections:

Level of Injury


Was the incident witnessed?


Is the incident a sentinel event?


Were interventions provided?


In the Level of Injury section, users can select one of the following answers:

Minor Injury (First Aid Only)


Moderate Injury


ER or Acute Care Admission




Was the incident witnessed? Enter the name of the person or people who witnessed the incident.

Is the incident a sentinel event? When selecting Yes, the user can select any of the following responses:

Suicide Completion


Serious Injury/Loss of Function or Death


Criminal Activity




The user can select from the following interventions when Yes is selected for Were interventions provided?

Called 911 for Police Assistance


Called 911 for an Ambulance


CPR Provided


DME Changes Made


DME Changes Requested


PRN Visit Made


Medication Change Obtained


Medication Change Requested


New Medication Received


New Orders Received


Facility Staff Education Provided


First Aide Care Provided


Patient/Caregiver Education Provided


Plan of Care Updated


Physician Contacted


Referred to Emergent Care for Further Evaluation


Report Made to Adult Protective Services (APS)


Visit Frequencies Adjusted




Incident Description/Comments

In this section, the user can enter a detailed description of the incident.


In this last section, the user can detail the follow-up care or resolution to the reported incident.

Updated on 7/22/2021