Pending Patient Reason

Axxess Hospice now allows organizations to document the reason why a patient is in pending status. This feature enables organizations to easily track their patients and document details regarding the pending status prior to admission.

When converting a referral to a pending patient, users can navigate to the Referral Information tab and see a new section labeled Pending Reason.

Patient Chart

When a user is in pending status in the patient chart, Pending Reason is visible in a purple bar. If changes need to be made, the user can use the Update Pending Reason button.

If the user selects the Update Pending Reason button, then they will be able to document the Pending Reason and Comments.

Pending Patient Report

The Pending Patient Report allows the organization to generate a report of patients by date range and the reason they are pending. Users need permissions to access this feature. This report can be found in the report center under Patient Reports.

Updated on 09/22/2021