Cognitive Screening

Axxess Palliative Care now provides a cognitive screening that enables users to assess patients’ cognitive function using a standardized, peer-reviewed tool. This enhancement helps organizations track and monitor patients’ cognition to improve patient care while staying compliant.

Cognitive Screening

To document a cognitive screening for a patient, navigate to the Patients tab and select Screenings. On the Screenings page, select the Cognitive Screening tab and click Add Cognitive Screening.

Patients tab ➜ Screenings ➜ Cognitive Screening tab ➜ Add Cognitive Screening

Once Add Cognitive Screening is selected, the cognitive screening will open for completion.

When the screening is complete, select Sign Screening to save it to the patient’s chart.

Once a cognitive screening has been saved to the patient’s chart, users can view the screening by selecting View under Actions on the Cognitive Screening tab.

Patients tab ➜ Screenings ➜ Cognitive Screening tab ➜ Actions ➜ View

The cognitive screening can also be accessed from a visit note by selecting Add Cognitive Screening.

Updated on 11/30/2022