Medi-Span FAQs

Why did Axxess transition to a new drug database?

Axxess is always looking for ways to enhance our services and provide our users with access to the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date healthcare information. After thorough research, Axxess has transitioned to a new drug database that better aligns with our goals of delivering exceptional healthcare information and software.

What is the new drug database?

Axxess has transitioned to using Medi-Span, a leading provider of drug information that healthcare professionals rely on for clinical decision support. Medi-Span is known for its extensive database, which includes information on drug interactions, therapy management and patient education, among other features.

How does this change benefit me?

The transition to Medi-Span offers several benefits, including:

Enhanced Drug Data Coverage: Access to a wider range of drug information to support patient needs.


Improved Clinical Decision Support: Updated and comprehensive drug interaction checks to help users make informed decisions quickly.


Streamlined Workflow: The Medi-Span database connects directly into your existing workflow, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily tasks.


Will there be any interruption to my access to drug information during the transition?

Axxess has worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition with no interruption in service. All the features and tools you rely on are available and have been enhanced with the transition to Medi-Span.

What can I expect from the new drug interactions functionality?

Our new drug database is designed with clinical efficiency and accuracy at its core. Here’s what makes the drug interactions functionality stand out:

Clinically Relevant Results: Focuses on delivering results that are directly relevant to clinical decision-making without unnecessary details.


Streamlined Readability: Presents information in a clear, concise format, making it simple to read and interpret results quickly.


Up-to-Date Information: Regularly updated to reflect the latest research and clinical guidelines.


How has the drug search functionality improved with the new database?

With the transition to our new drug database, you will notice enhancements in how you search for and access drug information. These improvements are designed to support and streamline your workflow:

Expanded Drug Listings: Our new database provides access to a more comprehensive list of medications to ensure you have extensive information for patient care.


Efficient Medication Entry: Adding medications for patients remains straightforward, but the system now automatically classifies each medication.


Precision Search Capabilities: The search functionality is designed to efficiently guide you to the correct information. This means that even with a significantly expanded list of medications, you can find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately.


Consistent Updates: To ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date drug information, our database is updated on a regular basis.


Familiar Navigation Experience: While the scope of searchable drugs has broadened, the process of searching remains straightforward. This enhancement means you have more information at your fingertips without needing to learn a new system.


Do I need to do anything to enable this feature?

No, you don’t need to take any action. This update will occur automatically. Our team will ensure a seamless transition and you can continue your operations without interruption.

Will this impact medications already entered on current patients?

No. All medications that are already entered in the patient’s medical record will remain unchanged. This drug database transition will only affect newly admitted or readmitted patients, ensuring continuity of care for existing patients while implementing the update for future entries.