Manual Remittance Advice Posting

Axxess Home Health now enables users to manually post remittance advice so that claim payments can be easily reconciled to remittance advices.

In the Billing tab, users with permission can create remittance advices and link claims to the RA for reconciliation. To add a remittance, users can select Add Remittance.

Once all required fields have been entered, users can select Create to create the remittance. The remittance will then be saved in the solution and listed in the grid below.

The filter is set to default to your organization’s Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). Clicking on Edit allows users to edit information such as Check Number (EFT), Payment Date, Payer, Payment Amount, and Received Date. Once edited, users can click Save Remittance to save information.

Users can also select View Details in the Actions column and a new window will appear.

After adding remittance information, users can select Create and Link to create the remittance and link claims for the payer. Once selected, a new window appears with remittance details.

The following information is provided at the top of the Remittance Details screen: EFT number, payment date, payment amount, remaining balance and total number of claims associated with the remit. The remaining balance automatically updates as payments are posted to linked claims. The Received Date, Payer Name, Reference ID, Payee Name, Provider NPI and Tax ID also appear in the Remittance Details header. Users can select Link Claims and a list of claims will populate to be linked to the remittance.

Users can select Include Zero Balances to include items like No-Pay RAPs in the grid below.

Users can then select the claims processed on the remit. Once all desired claims have been selected, the user can select Link Claims to link the claim to the remittance.

The claims will now be visible in the Remittance Details page. The page will include the Patient name, Patient Control Number, Payer Control Number, Type of Bill (TOB), Statement From, Statement To, Received On, Claim Amount, Payment Amount, Balance, and an Actions column.

In the Actions column, users can select Edit to edit the claim or Delete by clicking on the red trash can icon.

When selecting Edit, users can add payment information.

When the payment amount is saved, the remaining balance will appear at the top of the page.

Deleting a claim from a remittance will also delete any payment amount from the remaining balance.

Updated on 05/19/2021