Face Sheet Enhancements

Patient face sheets in Axxess Hospice now provide additional patient information, so organizations can optimize care coordination with internal and external partners.

Users can now choose to show or hide patient SSNs, or to display only the last four digits of patient SSNs on face sheets. Patient face sheets also now provide easy access to funeral home information and contact information for each authorized contact added to the patient’s chart.

To access and print patient face sheets, users must have permission to view patient charts.

Patient Chart Permissions

To give a user permission to view patient charts, edit the user’s profile and navigate to the Permissions tab. In the Clinical section, select View next to the Patient Chart permission. Select Edit to enable the user to edit patient charts. Click Save to finish granting the permissions to the user.

People tab ➜ People Center ➜ Edit ➜ Permissions tab ➜ Clinical ➜ Patient Chart ➜ View/Edit ➜ Save

Patient Social Security Numbers

Users can now choose whether patients’ social security numbers appear on patient face sheets in Axxess Hospice. The system defaults to display only the last four digits of each patient’s SSN on patient face sheets.

To update this setting, navigate to the Operations tab in Company Setup. In the Patient Face Sheets section, select Show Full SSN or Hide SSN and click Save.

Admin tab ➜ Company Setup ➜ Operations tab ➜ Patient Face Sheets section

Setting   Description
Show Last Four Digits of SSN   Displays the last four digits of the patient’s social security number (XXX-XX-6789)  
Show Full SSN   Displays all nine digits of the patient’s social security number (123-45-6789)  
Hide SSN   Hides all digits of the patient’s social security number (XXX-XX-XXXX)  

Funeral Home Information

Once a patient and family select a funeral home to provide service, this information can be documented on the Advance Directives tab in the patient’s chart for easy access to all members of the patient’s care team.

Funeral home information now appears on the patient’s face sheet when printed, to ensure that this important information is readily available to external agency partners, such as care facilities, as needed.

The Funeral Home section appears under Payer Information on the face sheet PDF.

Authorized Contacts

Axxess Hospice enables users to enter up to 10 authorized contacts for each patient on the Authorized Contacts tab of the patient’s chart. The patient face sheet now displays authorized contact information for each contact added for the patient. Authorized contacts appear at the bottom of the patient face sheet.

Updated on 8/10/2020