Courtesy Billing

Axxess Home Care now provides a courtesy billing feature that accommodates private payers submitting invoices for reimbursement. This feature optimizes ease of use and streamlines billing processes to improve cash flow and increase revenue.

To use courtesy billing for a payment source, organizations must enable it in the payer’s profile.

Enable Courtesy Billing

To enable courtesy billing, navigate to the payer’s profile and select Self-Pay in the Payer Type drop-down menu.

View tab ➜ Lists ➜ Payment Sources ➜ Edit ➜ Information section ➜ Payer Type ➜ Self-Pay

Once Self-Pay is selected as the payer type, an option to include courtesy invoices will appear under Invoice in the Invoice Type section. Check the box next to Include courtesy invoices for this payer.

If Self-Pay is not selected, the option to include courtesy invoices will not be available.

When the box next to Include courtesy invoices for this payer is selected, the Payer Information section will default to Use client contact payer address as billing address.

The client contact payer address pulls contact information from clients who are set up as payers.

Create a Client Payer

When creating a payment source that includes courtesy billing, the Type will auto-populate as Primary with Courtesy Bill. This field cannot be changed if the payer has been set up to include courtesy billing.

In the new Courtesy Payer field, select the payer to associate with courtesy billing. When the courtesy bill is generated, the payer selected in this field will populate on the invoice.

Data entered in the Courtesy Payer Health Plan ID field will appear on the courtesy bill.

New Task in the Schedule Center

When creating a new task in the Employee Scheduler, users can select Courtesy Billing – RA (Primary with Courtesy Bill) in the Payment Source field.

Print Invoices

When printing an invoice for a courtesy payer type, courtesy invoices will append to the original invoice as additional pages. The first page will identify the person paying your organization for services. The subsequent pages will provide a copy of the invoice with courtesy payer information.

Updated on 9/24/2020