Scheduling New Client Task


This tutorial will provide you with an overview of how to Schedule a New Client Task in Axxess HomeCare.

Navigate to “Schedule” tab > select Schedule Center



Select your client through your client list at the left or you can type in your client name in the “Find” Bar.


Once selected the client’s schedule will be populated on the right hand side of the page.


New Client Task: 

There are two ways to schedule a new client task.

  1. Click on the calendar date you are wanting to schedule the task.


  1. Select New-> Client Task


Both paths will pull up the Employee Scheduler for the selected client.  Schedule related times, payment source, task,

recurrences, staff, and any comments for that client.


Let’s discuss in further detail the Employee scheduler, each piece and what it allows the agency for scheduling purposes.

  1. Shift Length includes three options: a drop-down selection which automatically calculates the ‘to’ time once the shift

start time is entered; Override the Shift Length allows manual input of the shift in and out times (useful when it

doesn’t match an option in the drop-down list). Last is the option to schedule without a time.


      2. From: and To: Agencies will place the date of Service in the From and To areas. If the agency Selects a Shift length

hour from the drop-down selection once they place the start time it will automatically calculate the end time. (Ex: 2-hour shift

length…. 9 am start will automatically populate to end at 11 am).  If the agency selects to Override Shift Length then the

agency will set their own start and end time. (Ex: 9:15am to 11:30am).  If the agency selects to Schedule without time then

the start and end time will disappear.


  1. Payment Source: Once the From and To fields are populated the payment source list will display all client payors

that cover the date being scheduled.  Select the Payment Source paying for the scheduled task.


  1. Task: Select the task being scheduled. The task list is ordered by category and may contain the following based on the

types of documents the agency has created: Assessments, Visit Notes, Care Plans, Orders, Coordination of Care and Supervisory.

(See Manage Company Information-Document management for more information on setting up task documents).


  1. Recurrence: The recurrence feature allows the agency the ability to easily schedule the same task out multiple times

based on the client’s specified need.  If a recurrence schedule is used the user must indicate an “end date” of the recurrence

and for the daily/weekly options how often the task repeats


Recurrence Options:

  • None: no recurrence needed
  • Daily: task recurs every ‘X’ amount of days until the end date is reached.


  • Weekly: Task repeats every ‘X’ number of weeks on the days selected.


  • Monthly: Task repeats every ‘X’ number of months on the selected day of the month or the day of the week.


  • Flexible: Useful for tasks that do not recur in a set pattern. Simply click on the days the task needs to occur on. There

is a current limit of 31 scheduling events that may be scheduled at a time.


  1. Caregiver/Employee: Indicate who will be completing the task. Three selections are available:


Unassigned: If there isn’t an identified caregiver for the shift the task may be set up as unassigned (open).  Unassigned

tasks appear Yellow on the client schedule for easy identification.  Once a caregiver is identified the task may be reassigned to

the user.


Assign to Caregiver/Employee: If a staff member has been identified the drop down user list may be used to select the

staff.  The staff that has been identified as oriented and favorite will show at the top of the list for easy selection. The list will also

filter as a user’s name is typed (when the drop-down list is open).


Find a Match:  The last option is to search for suitable matches based upon the match criteria you have set up for your client

and employees.


  1. Comments, Save & Close, Save & Add Another: The last step in Scheduling is to add any comments about the tasks

to be scheduled. These show up as a yellow sticky note on each task scheduled.


Once all the information is entered completed, the agency can Save & Close which will add the task/s to the client schedule.

If the agency chooses they can Save & Add Another task for the client.


This concludes the Scheduling New Client Task Tutorial.