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Immunization Profile


This tutorial will provide education on Client Immunization Profiles.  Immunization Profiles are available for Medical Client Admissions.


Navigate to Client> Client Center> Pull up your Client



Client Immunizations may be added and maintained from within the Client’s Chart through Quick ReportsImmunization Profile or through OASIS assessments.


Several Options are available upon selection of the Immunization Profile Quick Report.



Once the information is entered the user may Save, Save and Add Another or Cancel (Without Saving)





Once the record is added the reason the immunization was declined or contraindicated will display as a red sticky note.  Hovering over the note will provide the reason.


Actions available for existing records include the ability to Delete or Deactivate an active Immunization and Delete or Reactivate an Inactive Immunization.






OASIS Assessment:  Several OASIS Assessments contain the ability to add/modify immunization records.