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Palliative Workflow Updates

Axxess Hospice now provides additional enhancements that accommodate palliative care. The palliative-specific workflow in Axxess Hospice eliminates unnecessary documentation and optimizes efficiency for delivering and documenting palliative patient care.

Admission Period Updates

Since palliative care is managed through admission periods, rather than benefit periods, palliative patient information references admission periods throughout Axxess Hospice. The following locations in the system now display admission periods rather than benefit periods:

Patient Chart ➜ Tasks List


Allergy Profile PDF


Patient Schedule ➜ Validation Message


Download Patient Chart ➜ Parameters


Medications ➜ Sign Medication Profile


Palliative Clinical Documentation Updates

Since plans of care are not necessary for palliative care, a plan of care will not generate on completion of a palliative assessment. For this reason, the Plan of Care Review section has been removed from the Palliative Care Initial/Comprehensive Assessment.

Since plans of care are not generated for palliative patients, the Plan of Care Review section has been removed from the Palliative Care Visit and Plan of Care Profile button in the Care Coordination Note when documented for a palliative patient.

Level of Care Updates

The hospice term level of care is not applicable to palliative care patients, so the Level of Care indicator has been removed from the patient information header for palliative patients throughout the system.

Diagnosis Updates

Diagnoses remain an important driving factor of care for palliative patients. However, since palliative patients have not elected hospice care, the Terminal flag will not appear in Patient Charts for palliative patients.

Bereavement Updates

Since bereavement is not applicable to palliative care, the Bereavement tab and Bereavement quick link will not appear for palliative patients.

Updated on 03/04/2021