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Patients and caregivers rate pain management as a high priority when living with life-limiting illnesses. The consequences of inadequate screening, assessment, and treatment for pain include physical and existential suffering, diminished functional status, and development of depression. The first step in pain management that should be documented in hospice software... Keep Reading
As you may know, the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) payment model went into effect on January 1. A recent industry survey by Axxess and home health consulting firm BKD confirmed PDGM is among the biggest concerns agencies have in 2020. While we have heard that some clients are finding the new... Keep Reading
Keeping up with the ever-changing trends of the home care industry can often be a challenge. It is important to have a home care software partner that helps you grow your business and provide quality care to your clients. Whether you provide medical, non-medical, or pediatric services to your clients,... Keep Reading
Hospice provides an interdisciplinary approach toward holistic care for needs of the patient and caregivers, often using hospice software. Discussing spiritual concerns early in the hospice experience is an essential component of meeting the needs of patients and caregivers. The Quality Measure: Beliefs/Values Addressed is specifically focused on addressing spirituality... Keep Reading
The potential impact of The Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) has led to a lot of uncertainty among home health providers, and a new industry poll shows adapting to the new payment model and other regulatory changes is considered the greatest challenge for the industry this year. A joint survey conducted... Keep Reading
Patients and family caregivers consider control over treatment decisions a high priority for those with life-limiting illnesses. There are studies that show improved satisfaction with healthcare and improved communication between of patients and physicians when the patient and family preferences about healthcare decisions are discussed. Treatment preferences are part of... Keep Reading
The Hospice Composite Measure or the Hospice Comprehensive Assessment Measure, is one of the newest components of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP). This measure represents the percentage of patients in an agency who received all seven of the care processes included in the seven existing Hospice Item Set (HIS)... Keep Reading
Marketing your hospice organization is all about your message. When you target it to the right people using the right channels, you’ll help your hospice organization stand out from your competitors. Words Matter What is the strongest true thing you can say about yourself? Make a list of all the words you’d... Keep Reading
Therapy isn’t just for home health. Although physical, occupational, and speech therapy services traditionally focus on rehabilitation or recovery following an illness, injury or surgery, there is an opportunity for therapists to serve a small but important role on a hospice and palliative care team. It is understood that hospice... Keep Reading
Research shows that a majority of seniors want to remain in the familiarity and comfort of their home as they age. To help make this happen, it’s important to have a network of reliable community services available. One organization that helps make this a reality for seniors is Meals on... Keep Reading
The new Patient-Driven Groupings Model is upon us but Axxess has been preparing for this historic change for more than a year and a half. As PDGM took shape, our team consumed every resource, analyzed all available data, and participated in as many webinars from industry thought leaders as possible.... Keep Reading
The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Hospice Survey empowers hospice organizations by attracting referral sources, driving business growth, and sustaining compliance with industry regulations, including the current pay-for-reporting requirements and the shift to value-based care on the industry’s horizon. By evaluating hospice patient and caregiver experiences, the... Keep Reading

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