Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

When we think of medical coding and billing, most imagine these as two completely unrelated functions. Medical coding is associated with the assignment of codes to medical diagnoses, while billing is more commonly thought of as a revenue cycle management process that exists separately from the information within a claim. Home healthcare... Keep Reading
The future of healthcare is in the home. All the work we do at Axxess is part of an effort to ensure patients can get care where they are most comfortable. This is why we work to share our knowledge in the healthcare industry and act as innovative pioneers on the... Keep Reading
Hospice organizations should prepare for quality reporting changes. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced proposed rule changes to the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP), which was created to standardize a level of quality care. Major changes were proposed, along with an additional claims-based measure called the Hospice Care... Keep Reading
In this episode of Help Choose Home, the podcast is joined by Sheila McMackin, a licensed clinical social worker, founder of Wellspring Personal Care and founder and past president of the Home Care Association of America. Sheila has served on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Home Health, Home Services and... Keep Reading
Successful home healthcare organizations know that the right technology partner can help: Ensure compliance and maximize reimbursements amidst ever-changing regulations Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction through user-friendly solutions Improve care quality measures and star ratings, which can increase referrals and grow business When searching for an electronic medical records (EMR) vendor, there... Keep Reading
In home care, clients need clear, accurate information to be as engaged as possible in their own care. Caregivers aren’t the only ones providing care to clients; many receive additional care from their family members. Having a Family Portal in a home care software enables families to be connected and involved... Keep Reading
More hospice providers are offering palliative care services than ever before. Despite any financial setbacks incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for hospice providers to expand services and include this fast-growing care program. Expanded Reimbursement Palliative care is reimbursed under the Medicare Part B program with many limitations. This is... Keep Reading
The home health star ratings summarize key performance measures in an easy-to-understand format, improving the ability of consumers to compare and choose top-performing home healthcare providers, in addition to other detailed information. Since home health organizations that are rated four or five stars are typically sought out as potential partners, improving... Keep Reading
Early in the pandemic, even the most experienced home care organizations acknowledged their lack of preparation for the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic forced home care and the entire healthcare continuum to adapt overnight. According to current estimates, we can expect the virus to be a part of our lives for a... Keep Reading
Palliative care physicians are constantly having “the hospice talk” with patients who are days away from death, a talk that comes too late and not in a way that will be beneficial to the patient and their family. People often believe that the only thing a palliative physician is responsible... Keep Reading
In this episode of Help Choose Home, we’re joined by Edo Banach, JD, president and CEO of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. He has worked as the senior advisor and deputy director of the Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and associate general... Keep Reading
Most home health organizations have seen their census return to pre-pandemic levels, and in some cases, have increased and grown their operations because of greater appreciation for in-home care due to COVID-19. As a new “normal” evolves, the focus of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) remains on advancing... Keep Reading

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