Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

As care at home organizations are containing costs, they may miss the mark by cutting back on the things that truly keep teams going. Often, opportunities to attend conferences are the first to be cut. Organization leaders may only look at the cost and how it affects the budget, rather... Keep Reading
Athletes participating in triathlons must be strong runners, swimmers and cyclists to be successful in their races. They can’t rely on just one skill to carry them through. Likewise, home health organizations participating in value-based purchasing cannot rely on one aspect of their business for success. They must manage patient... Keep Reading
The workforce, especially nurses, is the key asset in the care at home industry. A strong workforce streamlines operational processes and enables new staff to hit the ground running. If care at home organizations have a strong workforce development program, they have an efficient way to train staff and ensure... Keep Reading
Care at home providers are grappling with ways to do more with less while dealing with staffing and regulatory challenges in 2023, according to a recent survey by Axxess and healthcare consulting firm SimiTree. Themes from the survey will guide organizations as they position themselves to successfully navigate the upcoming... Keep Reading
Home health organizations across the country are continuing to face staffing challenges, even as more people are seeking home-based care. Organizations using Axxess can leverage Axxess CARE, a staffing solution that connects home health organizations with qualified clinicians to provide timely care. Home health clinicians picking up visits for other... Keep Reading
The start of this year brings the 118th Congress and a new opportunity to advocate for care at home. Each healthcare sector is seeking relevance and control, along with defining its own share of the healthcare dollar. Legislative and regulatory challenges are a constant in every sector of healthcare, so... Keep Reading
There have been two major changes to home health in 2023: the new Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS-E) and home health value-based purchasing (HHVBP). Home health organizations must understand both to earn high star ratings and get full reimbursement for their services. Staff training on OASIS-E data set completion... Keep Reading
Technology is becoming more integrated in all sectors of healthcare. When it’s well integrated, it can help organizations provide better care with less risk. Technology is at its best when it’s an extension of the provider, rather than a barrier to care. This can help care at home organizations to scale... Keep Reading
Star ratings for hospices are now available on Medicare Care Compare, which was designed to help consumers find and compare the quality of Medicare providers. The higher a hospice’s score, the more likely they are to receive referrals and grow their organization. Hospice star ratings are based on their Consumer Assessment... Keep Reading
During an Axxess-sponsored webinar with Home Health Care News, three industry leaders shared insights and strategies to navigate 2023 under the CMS Home Health Final Rule. Panelists Michael P. Johnson, Practice President for home health and hospice at BAYADA Home Health Care; Stacey K. Smith, Vice President of Public Affairs... Keep Reading
Home healthcare does not go on vacation over the holiday season. Care at home organizations are busy ensuring visits are covered and patient needs are met, even while more staff members are requesting time off. Avoiding low payment utilization adjustments (LUPAs) and maintaining high-quality care delivery is a delicate balance. Operational... Keep Reading
While most care at home organizations are focused on providing high-quality, patient-centered care, leaders cannot ignore the importance of financial sustainability. A sustainable business can grow, offer competitive salaries to the best caregivers and successfully navigate the changing reimbursement landscape. An effective revenue cycle management (RCM) tool can help financial leaders... Keep Reading

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