Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up care at home. In a survey by Axxess and Home Health Care News, 68% of organizations that have seen a decline in revenue cited staffing challenges during the pandemic as the cause. The average age of a nurse is 51, which is among a generation... Keep Reading
There is tremendous potential to grow a home care organization by expanding care services, and with the market expected to grow to $528 billion by 2026, adding specialty programs should be a top priority. Successfully implementing a program will require avenues for promotion, committed people providing care and clearly defined... Keep Reading
The release of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) annual final rule is highly anticipated by home health organizations eager to learn if more reimbursements and allowances are coming their way in the following year. A proposed rule is typically released prior to the final ruling, giving home... Keep Reading
A tsunami of change came when the Prospective Payment System (PPS), the method of reimbursement since 2000, was replaced with the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) in January 2020. Thirty-day billing periods replaced 60-day periods, three areas are now reviewed for payment (clinical, functional and service) and therapy thresholds have been... Keep Reading
The recent elections were historic on many levels. While the election results were not immediately clear, the message from the American voters was. Access to healthcare, particularly during a worldwide pandemic, is paramount. Republicans and Democrats alike sent a mandate to the incoming president and members of Congress that affordable, quality... Keep Reading
The Axxess Client Experience Team works hard to serve care-at-home organizations that trust our products to help them provide the best care. Our team noticed an interesting trend: clients using Axxess would frequently contact us for best practices and user efficiencies, even questions on industry regulations. It only made sense... Keep Reading
In this episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Andrea Cohen, a social entrepreneur dedicated to transforming the way care is delivered to seniors at home. As the Founder and CEO of HouseWorks, her vision crystalized over 25 years ago when she took care of both her parents and made... Keep Reading
There are nearly 20 million veterans in the United States. Thirty percent of those veterans have multiple chronic conditions that can be managed by private duty care. These veterans typically don’t receive the care they need and spend more time in the hospital because they aren’t aware of the funding... Keep Reading
Home healthcare was turned upside down in 2020, putting the spotlight on telehealth use to complete patient visits. While telehealth visits are not reimbursable, new legislation is aiming for telehealth reimbursement during the COVID-19 pandemic and any future public health emergencies. Home Care 100, a leadership group of home care and... Keep Reading
It’s often said that home is where the heart is. Whether enjoying a quiet evening at home or gathering with a large group of family and friends, home is where we find comfort, peace and love. In celebration of National Home Care and Hospice Month, there is no better time... Keep Reading
Healthcare billing can be arduous and claim repricing can be confusing. Put them together without proper training and the result can be a loss of revenue. The use of an easy-to-use revenue cycle management software can help mitigate the claim management process, but understanding claim repricing with your payers is... Keep Reading
The year 2020 will certainly be remembered as one of the most challenging years in memory, thanks in part to a microscopic virus known as COVID-19 and the world’s response to it. However, it is not the only strain of virus that you should be concerned about this year. Experts... Keep Reading

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