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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

Given the success of the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) model, it is not surprising to learn that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has included in the 2022 proposed final rule that VBP be expanded to all states. The CMS Innovation Center, tasked with finding ways to accomplish the two... Keep Reading
Organizing a client’s healthcare journey is an aspect of home care that is often overlooked when performed effectively, but much like poor service in a restaurant, messy care coordination can ruin an otherwise positive experience. Adding to the challenge, care coordination in home care can be more difficult than in a... Keep Reading
Circulatory and heart diseases are common diagnoses in hospice care, second to cancer. However, because their symptom management and disease management are often very similar, determining an accurate prognosis can be challenging. Are these chronic symptoms or is this a terminal disease? Adding to the chronic or terminal confusion, studies have... Keep Reading
In this episode, we talk to Bob Roth, managing partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions. Speaking from an extensive career in home care, Roth, who is also the radio show host of Health Future and writes a monthly column, “Aging Today,” discusses his work with Cypress HomeCare. Topics discussed: The personal experience that... Keep Reading
A good patient outcome is the direct result of a good plan of care. This plan is only beneficial if it is developed around confirmed patient diagnoses. Complete and accurate coding of patient diagnoses is the foundation for care provided and directs the clinician to prevent any negative events and achieve... Keep Reading
Inclusion initiatives remain top-of-mind for human resources and talent acquisition professionals. It has been proven that organizations with above-average profitability are 21% and 33% more likely to have a strong gender and ethnic diversity, respectively. In fact, the performance gap between those that do and don’t adopt diversity and inclusion practices... Keep Reading
With the rise of value-based hospice care, the value of that quality care ultimately results in profitability. We know starting a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program is essential to your hospice organization’s viability, so here are some tips for building your own program. Step One: Learn Before you can measure, you... Keep Reading
Increasing your patient count is not the first step toward becoming more profitable. That starts by examining your current billing processes, identifying areas that are inefficient and pinpointing steps that are dragging down reimbursement times. Selene Baldonado, director of revenue cycle with Critical Nurse Staffing, LLC, used a direct data entry... Keep Reading
During my years as a home care administrator, I spent more time than I wanted to tracking licenses and other compliance items for employees. Since it is a necessary part of running a home care organization, streamlining that tracking is a great benefit. Why You Need Tracking Help in Home Care Various... Keep Reading
It is important to put into perspective the two aspects of quality care: regulatory compliance and quality reporting. Unfortunately, it is common to have one without the other in hospice care. When you combine the two, that is when you will ultimately deliver the highest quality of care to your patients... Keep Reading
Dr. Jay LaBine, chief medical officer for naviHealth, discusses his work in value-based, senior-focused, post-acute care in the latest episode of the Help Choose Home podcast. With a medical career spanning many years, Dr. LaBine’s work with naviHealth centers around implementing programming that helps advocate for patients as they transition... Keep Reading
Proper clinical documentation and coding must go hand in hand to avoid documents being returned by Quality Assurance (QA) and prevent possible claim rejections. For a timely reimbursement, clinicians must document their findings as precisely as possible so that the subsequent coding will accurately capture the conditions noted during the assessment.... Keep Reading

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