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05/14/2018 – AgencyCore Update


POC Print Preview: Footer

On the Plan of Care print view (PDF), the footer now displays the total number of pages that will be printed.


POC Summary: Deleted Orders

When the Order is changed to “Order Added in Error”, the Order would be deleted and removed from the Plan of Care Summary.  The deleted Order will not carry over to the next episode.


POC and POC Summary

Active Orders Carrying Over


All active or unresolved orders now carry over from one episode to the next.  They remain in the Plan of Care Profile and will be shown in the Plan of Care Summary until they are resolved.


SN Note:  Review Medication Profile

A new check box, Review Medication Profile, is added to the Health Management section of the skilled nurse visit note. When the user clicks on this new box to view the Medication Profile, the box will turn green along with a checked indicator.  The medication reviewed indicator will also reflect on the Skilled Nurse Note print PDF.


The OASIS Advanced Care Plan box (in Prognosis tab) and Emergency Preparedness box (in Risk Management tab) also turn green color to indicate that they had been reviewed, and a checked indicator will also be shown on the OASIS print PDF.