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Paraprofessional Care Plan


Creating a Non-Skilled Care Plan


Two types of paraprofessional care plans exist within Axxess HomeCare.  Both care plan types are available for selection when creating agency documents in Manage Company Information-Document Management.


Custom Note Types (Care Plan/Note):  Displays task specific items for the caregiver to complete during the shift. There is no need for the caregiver to review the care plan as the task list pulls directly from the care plan.


Standard Note Types (Traditional Care Plan/Note): Displays a complete list of tasks.  The caregiver reviews the care plan to view what needs to be completed for the client.


Locating a Scheduled Task


There are several ways to open a note for completion.  The initial outlined path is from the schedule center.  Additional paths will be included at the end of the tutorial.


Schedule-Schedule Center-Client: Locate the client and either:






Select List Tasks and Click on the Task Link to open the Care Plan:



Custom Care Plan Creation

Client Name and Care Period Details populates at the top of the note.

Visit Details


Vital Sign Parameters


Safety Precautions/Functional Limitations/Activities Permissions



Daily Living Tasks


The Custom Daily Living Task List is created by the Agency in the Manage Company Information. (See Manage Company Information Tutorial: Daily Living Tasks for more information on creating the daily living task list) The task list pulls into the Custom Care Plan for selection.


Tasks selected on the Custom Care Plan pull directly into the Custom Visit Note for the Paraprofessional level staff to complete.






Electronic Signature and Date




Potential Warnings


Axxess HomeCare provides a set of warnings to staff when a custom note type is opened and an associated custom care plan hasn’t been scheduled or completed.


No Associated Care Plan: Indicates an associated care plan either hasn’t been scheduled or started for the client.  It directs the caregiver to contact the office to complete a care plan.


No Daily Living Tasks: If a care plan exists in a saved or completed status without any daily living tasks associated the caregiver will see a No Daily Living tasks message.


Standard Care Plan Creation


Client Name and Care Period Details populates at the top of the note.


Visit Details


Frequency and Diet

Option to enter the frequency of services and diet restrictions.


Vital Sign Parameters

Enter any applicable vital sign parameters as needed for the client.  Select N/A to indicate vitals are not applicable for the client.


Safety Precautions/Functional Limitations/Activities Permitted

Select all appropriate client related safety precautions, functional limitations and activities permitted.  Select N/A if the section is not applicable for the client.



Plan Details

Using the drop down selection, indicate whether the care task is not applicable, may be completed per client/patient request, every week or every visit. Caregivers review the care plan to see tasks to complete and update on their note.




Electronic Signature and Date


Alternate Ways to locate the Scheduled Care Plan:

Dashboard-My Schedule Tasks: Clicking on the Task Link will navigate directly into the Custom Care Plan to begin completion.


Clients-Client Center: Find and select the task link associated to the Care Plan for the Date of Service and begin completing the Care Plan for your Client.