Test Results in Clinician Profiles

Axxess CARE now enables users to upload infectious disease test results to their clinician profiles. Once test results are uploaded to a clinician’s profile, organizations can view the test results when vetting the clinician’s application for posted visits.

This functionality prevents clinicians from having to drive to the office to provide test results in person and facilitates compliance with recent mandates requiring unvaccinated healthcare workers to document negative COVID-19 tests at least weekly.

To upload test results to your clinician profile, navigate to the three-line menu in the top-left corner of the app and select Infectious Disease Profile. On the Infectious Disease Profile screen, navigate to the Test Results tab and select Add Test Results.

➜ Infectious Disease Profile ➜ Test Results ➜ Add Test Results

On the Add Test Results screen, select the type of test from the Type of Test drop-down menu. Select Positive or Negative under Test Result and enter the date the test was administered under Date Administered. If necessary, you can upload a photo of the test results using the Upload File field. Once all necessary information has been entered, click Save to finish adding the test results to your profile.

Updated on 06/15/2022