Pre-Claim Review Updates

Therapy SOC OASIS in Subsequent Billing Periods

Organizations under the Review Choice Demonstration that have enabled the Pre-Claim Review Center in Axxess Home Health can now include the Therapy Start of Care OASIS in the Task 5 portion of the combined PDF submitted to eServices.

This feature facilitates inclusion of the initial therapy evaluation in each subsequent billing period, as requested by Palmetto GBA.

Final Claim UTN Validator

When the Pre-Claim Review Center is enabled in Company Setup, Axxess Home Health now provides a Final Claim UTN Validator that organizations can enable to prevent submission of final claims that are missing a UTN.

To enable final claim UTN validation, navigate to Company Setup under the Admin tab. On the Operations tab, navigate to the Review Choice Demonstration section and select Yes next to Final Claim UTN Validator. Click Submit Request to finish enabling the feature.

Admin tab ➜ Company Setup ➜ Operations tab ➜ Review Choice Demonstration section ➜ Final Claim UTN Validator ➜ Yes ➜ Submit Request

Once the Final Claim UTN Validator is enabled, a new Pre-Claim Review column will appear in the Billing Center.

Billing tab ➜ Billing Center ➜ Final Claims ➜ Pre-Claim Review column

If the UTN has not been entered in the Pre-Claim Review Center, the column will display a red X and prevent billers from verifying and submitting the claim.

If the UTN has been entered in the Pre-Claim Review Center, a green check mark will display and allow the biller to verify and submit the claim if all validation checks in the Billing Center have been met.

Updated on 03/23/2022