No-Pay RAP and Billing Resources

The following success resources are designed to help organizations accommodate no-pay RAPs and billing changes in 2021.

Software Updates

Click the links below to view recent software updates designed to accommodate no-pay RAPs and billing changes in 2021.

RAP Aging Tool

Axxess Home Health provides a RAP aging tool that enables organizations to track timely submission of RAPs, and Notices of Admission (NOAs) in 2022, and avoid deductions in final payment based on the Final Rule. Click here to learn more.

Billing Center Updates

The Billing Center in Axxess Home Health enables users to bill both RAPs at the onset of the episode and accommodates split-percentage payments to help organizations comply with the 2021 billing changes outlined in the Final Rule. Click here to learn more.

No-Pay RAP Settings for Episodic Payers

Axxess Home Health provides no-pay RAP and 2021 billing settings for episodic payers, so organizations can easily identify payers that follow CMS 2021 RAP requirements. Click here to learn more.

No-Pay RAPs in Pending Claims

Axxess Home Health enables users to view and track no-pay RAPs on the Pending Claims screen. By closely monitoring no-pay RAPs, organizations can ensure timely RAP submission and minimize the risk of penalties due to returned claims. Click here to learn more.

Timely Filing Exception Requests (KX Modifier)

Axxess Home Health enables users to include timely filing exception requests, or KX modifiers, when verifying final claims. Timely filing exception requests were implemented with the CMS Final Rule in conjunction with no-pay RAPs. When an organization believes that there is a valid reason for untimely submission of a no-pay RAP, the organization can include the KX modifier with remarks to justify the untimely submission. Click here to learn more.


Click to find answers to frequently asked questions on the 2021 billing changes.


2021 Home Health RAP Billing Scenarios Quiz

Take this interactive 10-question quiz developed by Axxess home health experts to test your understanding of the major Medicare RAP updates and find answers to commonly asked questions.

2021 Home Health RAP Billing Scenarios Quiz

Click here to download the quiz in PDF format.


Watch the recorded webinars below to learn more about no-pay RAPs and billing changes in 2021.

Operational Best Practices for CMS’ Home Health RAP Changes

This recorded webinar provides an overview of the Medicare Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) billing changes and how they will impact the bottom line of home health organizations. Watch to learn how technology can ensure a successful transition to the new regulatory requirements and how to tighten operational processes to prevent 2021 payment penalties.

Prepare for Success with Medicare’s New 2021 Home Health Billing Requirements

This recorded webinar discusses how to best forecast, prepare for and execute operational changes to succeed in the new 2021 Medicare environment. This on-demand webinar features:

  • A high-level overview of the major RAP billing changes that are coming and the potential financial impact to your organization

  • Strategies and tips to stay on top of and navigate Medicare claim requirements

  • Frequently asked questions submitted by our audience regarding these important changes

Home Health Final Rule 2021: What You Need to Know

Join Axxess and HealthCare ConsultLink for a review of the 2021 Home Health Final Rule issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The recorded webinar reviews the home health regulatory changes regarding telehealth, upcoming billing changes and the delayed implementation of OASIS-E.

2021 Changes Home Health Clinicians Need to Know

This recorded webinar discusses the changes coming in the 2021 Medicare Home Health Final Rule and how the new no-pay RAP billing changes will impact clinicians. The discussion covers:

  • The no-pay Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) updates

  • Important visit and documentation requirement differences

  • How a clinician’s workflow will affect an organization’s revenue

  • Strategies to adjust to the new regulations and ensure compliance

  • Collaboration tips for the care team and office staff

2021 Billing Regulatory and Workflow Software Updates

This recorded webinar reviews the new 2021 Medicare changes and highlights important billing software workflow requirements. Watch to view a product demonstration of recent software innovations in Axxess Home Health and learn where to find helpful tools and free educational resources to prepare for and succeed in the 2021 regulatory environment.

No-Pay RAP: Lessons Learned and Things to Consider in 2021

When the Medicare​ no-pay RAP went into effect on January 1, it was clear that home health​ organizations would need to make significant operational and financial adjustments to manage the change. Several weeks into the new year we’re learning more about how organizations are managing the changes and making adjustments. This recorded webinar reviews some of the billing​ scenarios arising and shares operational and process recommendations, including conducting a cash flow impact analysis to help organizations continue to adjust to the changes.

Shake Up Your Staffing Operations in 2021: How to Overcome Obstacles to Growth

Click here to watch our LinkedIn Live on how to shake up your staffing operations in 2021. In this recorded video, Axxess expert Tammy Ross explains how to adjust to the new regulations.


Click the links below to read Axxess blogs on no-pay RAPs and billing changes in 2021.

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Regulatory Overview

Click here to download a copy of the following regulatory overview.

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