Adding Supplies


Adding New Supply

To add supplies to an agency click on ADMIN → SUPPLY


Enter the information for the new supply in the popup window.


The required (*) fields must be completed.

  • Description * – The name or the description of the supply that is listed.
  • HCPCS – (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) Code is the code to identify the supply
  • Revenue Code – For Routine Supplies generally 0270 or 0272, for wound care supplies 0623.
  • Unit Cost – The cost of supply to be billed to the insurance payor


Supplies fit into two categories. They are classified as:

  1. Routine supplies – because they are used in small quantities for patients during the usual course of most home visits i.e. gloves and alcohol prep pads.
  2. Nonroutine supplies (NRS) – they are needed to treat a patient’s specific illness or injury in accordance with a physician’s order, i.e.wound care supplies.



Viewing and Editing Supplies


To view a list of all supplies listed for an agency go to ADMIN → LIST → SUPPLIES



The supply list will contain all the supplies listed for an agency.   The list contains the description, HCPCS Code, Rev. Code and the date the supply was added.


Supplies may also be edited or deleted by this maters list.


To edit a supply, click on EDIT and the supply details page will open again and the details can be edited.



Adding Supplies via Visit

Supplies can be documented on the visit note.  During the note completion in the bottom left-hand corner, you can EDIT SUPPLY WORKSHEET under SUPPLY MANAGER.


The supplies can also be entered in the details page of the scheduled task.  Click on MENU on the far right-hand side of the scheduled task.


This will open the DETAILS page and allow the supply worksheet to be complete via the DETAILS of a scheduled task.


Click on the hyperlink ADD NEW RECORD and start typing in the name of the supply in the search field and then choose the desired supply, the quality that you used and the date.



Adding Supplies via Final Claim

Supplies can also be entered during the final claim.    Click BILLING → MEDICARE/MEDICARE HMO → CREATE FINAL CLAIMS.


Find the appropriate claim and click on the hyperlinked name to open the claim.


On step 3 of the final claim VERIFY SUPPLY.  Click ADD NEW SUPPLY under BILLABLE SUPPLIES.  


Fill in the information with the appropriate supply information.


  • DESCRIPTION – The name of the supply or a brief description of the supply
  • REVENUE CODE – Unique 4 digit code, they help to make the claim process smoother
  • HCPCS – (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) Code is the code to identify the supply
  • DATE – The date the supply was given
  • UNIT – The number of the specific supply that was used or left
  • UNIT COST – The cost of each individual product
  • TOTAL COST – The total will be generated based on the UNIT x UNIT COST


Once complete click ADD SUPPLY.  The supply will be added to the claim and viewable on the final page of the claim, the SUMMARY accumulatively.