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COVID-19 Screening Consent

Axxess CARE now requires users to provide consent before completing a clinician COVID-19 screening on the app. Before completing a clinician COVID-19 screening on Axxess CARE, users must provide consent by selecting ACCEPT in the Consent Required pop-up box. Once the user selects ACCEPT, the screening will open for completion.

Users must provide consent one time only. Once consent is provided, the user can screen for COVID-19 an unlimited number of times and the Consent Required box will no longer appear when attempting to complete screenings.

If a user selects DECLINE in the Consent Required pop-up, the user will not be able to access the COVID-19 screening. The Consent Required pop-up will appear any time the user attempts to screen for COVID-19, until consent is provided.

Updated on 6/08/2020