Qualis DME Management

Axxess has established an integration with Qualis that enables Axxess Hospice users to streamline the management of durable medical equipment (DME).

When this integration is activated, patient updates documented in Axxess Hospice will be sent automatically across our secure interface with Qualis, where users can order DME and manage all aspects of DME administration, including contracts, invoice consolidation and order and delivery tracking.

By automatically populating patient updates in Qualis, this integration gives clinicians and billers the most accurate, timely information to prevent errors in DME administration and stay compliant with DME requirements.

Contact Axxess to request pricing details and activate the Qualis integration.

Qualis DME Management Integration Overview

Once the Qualis integration is enabled, patient information will be sent automatically across our secure interface when users make the following updates in Axxess Hospice:

Patient Admission


Patient Discharge


Patient Death


Patient Demographic Updates


Patient Diagnosis Updates


Patient Location Updates