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The landing page of Axxess RCM is the Dashboard. It shows at-a-glance EFTs, Claims, Submissions, Pass Rate, Edit/Error Management Aging and Top 10 Error Reason Codes.

Electronic Fund Transfers

The Electronic Fund Transfers section displays agency checks in a bar graph form for the previous seven days and future dates. Hover over the bar graph to see the specifics of the payments including the payer, EFT number, amount and date.

Claim Statuses


Submissions (Last 30 Days) shows a line graph with the total count of submitted claims within the previous 30 days. Hovering over the graph specifies how many claims were Institutional versus Professional claims.

Pass Rate

Pass Rate (Last 30 Days) – A percentage calculated from the number of claims Rejected versus Accepted by the payers. The smiley face icon will adjust according to the rate percentage.

Edit/Error Management Aging

Edit/Error Management Aging (Last 1 Year) – Shows claim statuses categorized into aging buckets. Totals of each claim status is available on the last column.

Top 10 Error Reason Codes

A pie chart that displays statistical data of the most common error codes. Hovering over the graph displays the following details: