Clerical FAQs

How do I submit orders to a physician electronically?

To electronically submit orders to a physician, the physician must be granted access to sign orders electronically using Axxess’ Home Health software.

  1. Hover over the View tab
  2. Click on Orders Management sub-menu and select Orders to be Sent
  3. Select the orders you want to send and click on the Submit Electronically button.

How do I submit orders to a physician electronically?

To electronically submit orders to a physician, the physician must be granted access to sign orders electronically using Axxess’ Home Health software.

  1. Hover over the View tab
  2. Click on Orders Management sub-menu and select Orders to be Sent
  3. Select the orders you want to send and click on the Submit Electronically button.

Can I scan original (paper) copies of physician orders into the software?

Original documents can be scanned into the software.

  1. Find the physician order from the Patient Charts or Schedule Center
  2. Click on details.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the details page and browse through your computer to find and attach the scanned document.

How do physicians get notified in case that they have outstanding orders to sign?

The physician will receive an email from Axxess’ Home Health solution. The email notification includes a link that enables the physician to log in to the Physician portal ( and view all the outstanding orders that need to be reviewed.

A physician can also log in periodically to view orders that need to be reviewed and signed.

How does the home health agency receive notification that the order has been signed and returned by the physician?

  • The home health agency does not have to do anything.
  • Once the order has been signed electronically by the physician it will automatically flow back to the patient chart with a status of Returned with Signature. As of today, no “Pop up” or notification is sent to the agency at present.

However, to monitor Physician activity, there are a series of Reports, shown under Reports> Report Center> Clinical, with the Reports styled: Orders to be Sent, Orders Pending Signature, and Physician Order History, which includes all orders which are to be sent to be signed, have been sent and are pending, and the orders that have been signed by the Physician.

How do I mark orders as received from the physician?

  1. Go to the View tab
  2. Move your cursor down the list to Orders Management
  3. Select Orders Pending Signature
  4. Select Date Range
  5. Click Generate
  6. Type in patient’s name in the white box
  7. When you find your patient’s name, verify it is the correct order, if it is to the right click on the Receive Order button
  8. Select the date order was received
  9. Then select Update, the order then move the patient’s chart

How do I view a list of physicians?

  1. Go to the View tab
  2. Move to Lists
  3. Choose Physicians
  4. If you want to print out the physician list, click on the Excel Export in the upper right corner where you can from that application and print out the list

How do I print a physician’s order or care plan?

Physician orders or care plans can be printed from the patient’s chart.

  1. Hover over the “Patients” menu item and select “Patient Charts
  2. Select the patient you want
  3. On the right side of the screen, you will see a section called “Quick Reports for This Patient
  4. Under the quick reports, you will see “Orders and Care Plans” for that patient
  5. Click the printer icon to print preview or print the document

How do I edit/change an order that has been signed and is listed under “orders to be sent” or “orders pending signature”?

Look for the document in the patient’s chart or schedule center. Reopen the document under the “action” column, correct and resign. You will be able to reopen the document only if you have the permissions to do so.

Can I send the vital signs log to the physician from Axxess’ Home Health software?

Currently, only orders can be sent to physicians electronically. However, at some point in the future, you will be able to send other things to the physician electronically through the Home Health solution.

Can I send a communication note to a physician from Axxess’ Home Health software?

Currently, only orders can be sent to physicians electronically. However, at some point in the future, you will be able to send other things to the physician electronically through the Home Health solution.

How do I Create/Generate a Hospitalization log?

Note: When a Transfer OASIS has been completed for a Patient, the system will automatically create a hospitalization log for the patient.

  1. Go to “Patients” on the toolbar
  2. From sub-menu select “Hospitalization Logs” and click
  3. Select Date from and Date to
  4. Click Generate
  5. Once selecting Generate, a list of patients with Hospital logs will populate

You can also manually create a Hospitalization Log by selecting “New Hospitalization” next to the Generate icon.

How do I Print a Hospital Log?

  1. Go to “Patients” on the toolbar
  2. From sub-menu select “Hospitalization Logs” and click
  3. Select Date from and Date to
  4. Click Generate
  5. Once selecting Generate, A list of patients with Hospital logs will populate
  6. Click on “Show Logs” on the far right
  7. Once selected, you will find the Print Icon.

What are NPI numbers?

National Provider Identifiers are assigned by Medicare to identify individual medical providers.

TIP: You can look-up an NPI number by going to

Is there a reverse lookup for the physician NPI numbers where physicians can be searched by name?

Physician NPI numbers are searchable by the NPI numbers only.

How do I search for a physician’s NPI number?

  1. Hover over the Create tab
  2. In the sub-menu select New, and click on Physician
  3. Start typing the Physician’s NPI and the software will auto-populate the associated physician’s information

How do I add an Insurance Authorization and approved codes?

You can add new authorization for a patient in the Patient Chart. Open the Patient Charts by toggling over Patients and choosing Patient Charts. Search for and select the patient for which you wish to add authorization.

In the Patient Chart, select New Authorization in the navigation bar.

Fill out the form and be sure to enter the authorized dates/units and add authorized disciplines.

Add in comments for the authorization, attach related documents, and select Save.

Note: If the patient’s insurance does not require authorization you will receive a notification such as below.  The insurance should be verified in the patient’s profile to proceed.

How do I edit patient information?

The first way to edit Patient information is:

  1. Click on / hover overview in the main menu
  2. From the sub-menu select lists and click on patients
  3. Here you can type the patient name in the white box at the top
  4. When the name appears, you go to the word edit and click it
  5. Edit the patient information
  6. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save button

The Second way to edit Patient information is:

  1. Click or hover over Patients in the main menu
  2. From the submenu select patient charts
  3. In the patient list on the left enter your patient’s name in the find box
  4. Once you find your patient’s name is found, click on his name
  5. In his chart under his name, there is an edit box at the right edge of his or her picture
  6. Click the edit button
  7. Edit information in the chart
  8. When finished scroll to the bottom the page and save

How do I delete/inactivate a patient?

  1. Click on / hover over “View” in the main menu
  2. From the sub-menu select “Lists” and click on “Patients
  3. Here you can type the patient name in the white search box at the top
  4. When the name appears, you go to the word delete and click it
  5. Patient will be deleted from patient lists (rosters)

How do I print out a medications list?

  1. Go to patient in Main Menu
  2. Select Patients Charts
  3. In the box in the upper left corner there is 4 (four) items Branch, View (Active or discharged), Filter (by insurance), Find (type your patient name)
  4. Once in patients’ chart to the Quick Reports on the right side of the patient chart
  5. Go to Medication Profile(s) click
  6. Click on the blue button that says PRINT MEDICATION PROFILE
  7. This will pull up a PDF file and click on the print at the bottom of the page

How do you add COMMENTS to the Patient’s Profile?

To add a comment to the PATIENT’S PROFILE, go to the PATIENT’S CHART and click edit.  On the fourth tab, CLINICAL/DIAGNOSIS, scroll to the bottom of the page to CLINICAL COMMENTS.  The text entered in the CLINICAL COMMENT will appear in the comment section of the PATIENT PROFILE.

What do the evacuation zones mean and how do I determine the correct evacuation zone?

The evacuation zones are for our clients who live in natural disaster-prone areas. The evacuation zones are determined by your city or county.

How do I obtain a list of documents that need to be printed?

  1. Click/Hover over the VIEW tab
  2. In the sub-menu, select PRINT QUEUE
  3. Click on the blue tab EXPORT TO EXCEL

My OASIS has been completed and it is EXPORT READY, but it is not showing up on the list of OASIS assessments to be exported.  What can I do?

If the OASIS is not showing up in the export file it means the insurance company was not properly selected on the patient’s chart. Go to “Patient Charts” and find the patient. Go to {Edit} Button and scroll down to M0150 Area to select either Medicare (traditional fee-for-service) or Medicare (HMO/ managed care) as needed. Go to the bottom and “SAVE”.

How do I reopen a completed/locked OASIS assessment?

  1. Main menu
  2. Select patients
  3. Patient chart
  4. Find the Oasis that has not yet been transmitted
  5. Click on Reopen Task

How do I review submitted documents in the Quality Assurance center?

  1. In the Main Menu hover over HOME
  2. Submenu select Quality Assurance (QA) Center
  3. If your agency has more than one (1) Branch select which branch you wish to review
  4. Select the status of the Patients, All, Active or Discharged
  5. Next select one of the following groups by Patient, Date, Task, or Clinician
  6. You can also export to Excel and Print if you choose
  7. In the Task area of the view click on the words of the document you wish to review
  8. If the document has no problems, select APPROVE
  9. If the document has problems, select RETURN
  10. A small box will appear
  11. Enter what is wrong with the document, and click return again, and the note will go back to the Clinician to fix the problem(s) with a red sticky note

NOTE: When reviewing a note, you can also continue to review the note for any additional problems by continuing to scroll the document and adding your comments to the box. Then clicking the return button. If you choose to EDIT the note this opens the note and make any changes this will cause the signature to be removed and the Clinician will need to sign or the person who opened the document and made the changes will need to sign. However, if you choose to EDIT and then cancel the note will not need to be reassigned to the clinician.

Why are the visit notes not showing up in the Quality Assurance (QA) center?

In the user’s permissions, “bypass QA is checked” under the clinical section. Uncheck the box and everything from that point forward will go to the QA center.

Can we create our own templates and how do we do that?

Yes, you can create your own templates. The user with “Administration” permissions can create templates by clicking/hovering over the “Admin” menu then clicking “New” then “templates”.

How do I create a template for my documentation?

You can create a template by selecting “Admin” on the toolbar then select “New” go to “Template”. Add the required title and complete the template and “Save”.

NOTE: You can modify templates by going to “View” select “Lists” go to “Templates”. From the Action column select “Edit”.

Can I grant regulatory auditors’ access to the software during a survey?

Yes, by adding them as a User and scheduling a visit for each client they need to review.

Add User per directions below:

  1. Go to ”Admin” on the toolbar
  2. From sub-menu select New
  3. Next menu select “User” at the bottom of the list
  4. Enter information with the RED*. Note: You will need a valid e-mail address
  5. Select a Role
  6. In the next box, select the Permissions
  7. When done click ADD USER
  8. Create a password to allow access to software.

TIP: Inactivate and change the password to the user or delete the “User” after auditing is complete.


How do I add a therapy company as a user?

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Sub-menu select New
  3. Next menu select user at the bottom of the list
  4. Click
  5. Enter information with the RED * You will need a valid E-mail address

How do I edit User permissions?

  1. Go to “View” on the Toolbar
  2. From sub-menu select “Lists
  3. Next menu select “Users” {7th down on the List}
  4. Find the User and from the Action column select “Edit”
  5. Locate the blue bar below with two tabs {Licenses/Permissions}
  6. Select the “Permissions” tab
  7. Add or remove check mark by clicking on boxes per item
  8. When done click “Update Permissions

Where do I put employee professional licenses?

  1. Go to View
  2. Submenu Lists
  3. Next menu Users -Click
  4. Select the person you wish to change their permissions or role
  5. Click on the Word Edit on the left side
  6. Scroll down to the area to enter their License (the drop down box has multiple to choose from)
  7. Enter the Issue Date
  8. Expiration Date
  9. You can also Scan the license and attach a copy for your records
  10. Click Save

How I track employee licenses?

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select Employee Reports
  3. Then Select Expiring Licenses

How do I track non-user licenses?

  1. Go to the admin tab and hover or click
  2. Submenu select License Manager
  3. In the Blue box to the left Click Add NON-User License
  4. Add name, license type, issue date, expiration date
  5. Save

Password and Electronic Signature

When your account is initially set up, a link is sent to your email address to create a password, this password will be used to log you into our Axxess Products.  At this time your PASSWORD and your ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE will be the same thing.  If at any time you need to reset your password, you may do so by clicking the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the login page.  See also SIGNING IN AND OUT.   You may also reset your ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE as needed.  NOTE: Resetting your password or electronic signature will only change the password or electronic signature, they will no longer be connected.

You can update your PASSWORD and ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE to the same thing.  In the Home Health solution from the home screen, click on HOME → MY ACCOUNT → EDIT PROFILE.  You will need to enter your old password and electronic signature and then choose a new one, they can be the same thing.

How can I track what my employees are working on?

An employee’s task by task activity cannot be tracked but you can view a log of when an employee has logged in and out of the system.  To view an employee’s ACTIVITY LOG, you will need to access the EMPLOYEES PROFILE.  Go to ADMIN → LIST → USER.  Find the employee in the list of employees and click on EDIT on the far-right side.

When the EMPLOYEE PROFILE opens scroll to the bottom of the page.  In the lower right-hand corner, there is a box called ACTIVITY LOGS, click on the box.  This will open the ACTIVITY LOG for that employee and show they have logged in of the system.

How does the Home Health solution help me with payroll?

The Home Health solution will help with a payroll summary available in the software. See below for instructions

  1. Go to “Admin” on the toolbar
  2. From sub-menu select “Payroll Summary” and click
  3. Select Date from and Date to
  4. Select from the drop-down STATUS BOX either UNPAID, PAID or ALL
  5. Click on Generate
  6. In the blue box next to SUMMARY, you can VIEW DETAILS, EXPORT TO EXCEL OR PRINT PDF
  7. In the area below there is the username, the count (meaning how many visits done or documents) and Detail
  8. If you wish to see the DETAIL, click on “Details”
  9. This will open another box where you can see the date of schedule, visit date, patients name, task, time, total minutes, any mileage, and status of note and if they have been paid
  10. Add/remove a check mark in the box next to the visit will mark visits as paid or unpaid
  11. When done in the blue box click on “Back “to “Search Results”

TIP: This detailed list can be exported to Excel where a column can be added with pay rates and may be uploaded into a payroll system (i.e., QuickBooks, etc.) from Excel.

Updating Admission Period

To change or update a patient’s ADMISSION PERIOD go to the PATIENT CHART click on ADMISSION PERIODS (below the picture to the right.)

This will open the window with all the patient ADMISSION PERIODS.  Clicking EDIT will allow you to update the patient’s primary diagnosis.  However, to edit an ADMISSION PERIOD you must change the period so that it not the current period, click on SET CURRENT on another ADMISSION PERIOD to change it to the active episode.   Then click EDIT.

This will open the PATIENT PROFILE, on the right-hand side, 5 down, click the calendar to the right of the START OF CARE date.   The DISCHARGE DATE can also be updated here.  Scroll down to the bottom of the of the page and click SAVE.

Once completed go to the SCHEDULE CENTER select the patient from the list of patients and select the episode to be adjusted.  To the right of the episode date click on the drop-down arrow next to the word ACTION and click MANAGE EPISODE.

Change the EPISODE START DATE to match the new START OF CARE date, this will auto update the EPISODE END DATE to the appropriate date.  Scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.   This will update your patient ADMISSION PERIOD.

Moving Visit Between Episodes

To move a visit from one episode to another click on DETAILS of the specific visit.

On the details page, change the SCHEDULED DATE in the first section to the desired date.

Scroll down the to second section EPISODE SELECTION and put a check in the box.

This would open a drop-down menu, the next episode would be preselected, if another episode is needed, click on the drop-down menu and select the episode in question.

Scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.

How do I reactivate an inactive episode?

To reactive an episode go to the SCHEDULE CENTER find the patient.  In the main window click on the EPISODE MANAGER → INACTIVE EPISODES.  Once the appropriate episode has been identified click on ACTIVATE on the right-hand side.


How do I delete a duplicated chart in the system?

From the MAIN MENU click on VIEW → LIST → PATIENTS.  Locate the patient in question, use the search feature to type in the patient’s name to narrow the list of patients.  Once the patient is located, scroll to the right and click on DELETE.  That patient and all their information will be moved to the DELETED PATIENT LIST.

How do I move visits from one episode to another?

Locate the visit that you would like to move and select Menu to the right.  Use the drop-down and select Details

  1. Update your Visit date information to reflect the new date for the correct date range.
  2. Go to the Episode Selection section and select the box that states Check here to move this visit/documentation to another Episode.
  3. Use the drop-down and select the episode that you would like to move the visit into.

Scroll to the bottom and select SAVE.

How can I remove the Frequency and Duration tracker from the patient’s schedule?

Note: Only users who have access to the Admin tab on the Toolbar followed by Manage Company Information will have permission to remove this feature.

  1. Select “Admin” on the toolbar
  2. From the sub-menu, select Manage Company Information
  3. Input your ” Electronic Signature”
  4. Under the Company Information tab, you will find the Frequency and Duration section
  5. Select “Disable”

How are the red, blue, and yellow ‘sticky notes’ generated, and what do they represent/mean?

Red Sticky notes are generated from the Quality Assurance Nurse during the review process

  1. In the QA center which is located under the HOME Tab
  2. Select Quality Assurance Center
  3. Here tasks can be sorted by Patient, Date, Task or Clinician
  4. Select the item wanted to be reviewed (Blue Words)
  5. To return select the return tab a sub window will open, in this window type in the reason for return and then click return again

Blue Sticky notes are created in Manage Episode in the Scheduling center

  1. Click on Manage Episode
  2. A Sub box appears and shows a blue sticky, enter the information that everyone needs to know during an entire episode. (i.e.: gate codes, animal alerts)

Yellow stick notes are created in the scheduling center,

  1. Select a visit date/task
  2. Go to the Action area to the right of the date/task click on Details
  3. Go to the comment area you will see a yellow sticky note, type in the comment you want the person to be aware of or do during the visit. (i.e. See patient in the afternoon today or weight patient today or lab draw today)

How do I add my CAHPS vendor?

You can add a CAHPS vendor by calling Axxess at toll-free number 866-795-5990 with the name of your vendor and, if applicable, the account number you were assigned. The reports are set to your vendor’s parameters for easy uploading.

How do I upload reports to the CAHPS vendor?

  1. Go to “Reports” on the toolbar
  2. Under the “Patient Reports” Tab select “CAHPS Report”
  3. Make selection choices of Branch/Sample Month/Sample Year/Payment Source as applicable
  4. Click on “Generate”
  5. This will open the CAHPS report Click “OK”
  6. This opens an Excel File now click on “File” save as “{Add your file name here}”
  7. Upload the “{Your Name}” file to your CAHPS vendor portal.

Can I add my own supplies to the lists provided in the Home Health solution?

Yes, you can. You can add your own supply descriptions and bill for them accordingly. On the supplies page, simply click on “Add Supply”.